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Esport – League of Legends: LDLC OL once again crowned French champion

LDLC OL recidivism. Already sacred spring champion of Francethe Lyon club again won the French League of League of Legends, this Thursday, beating BDS Academy (3-1) in the final of the summer segment. Favorite for the title at the end of the regular season, he had yet been beaten by this same opponent last week in the semi-finals. But he managed to reassemble the loser bracket to afford a revenge, won after a tense match until the last minute.

A hair-raising finish

In this match between two adversaries on a very close level, the first rounds were one-sided. In the first of them, it was BDS Academy that pressed the accelerator best, in the wake of of a very enterprising Adam “Adam” Maanane. Not disconcerted, LDLC OL equalized in stride, carried by their regular season MVP, Jérémy “Eika” Valdenaire, author of a perfect match, then broke in the third set, surprising their opponent with a Qiyana for Martin “Yike” Sundelin.

In a strong position, the Lyonnais then thought they could easily finish the job in game four, where they very quickly took a big advantage. Fishing by excess of confidence, they nevertheless squandered their lead, giving their opponent the weapons to equalize quietly. But, while BDS seemed to have won the match, they made up for it by perfectly exploiting a positioning error by Jus “Crownie” Marusic, to win the match (3-1) against all expectations, after a completely crazy final.

Fourth title for Eika

This second title of French champion in a row crowns the magnificent season of LDLC OL, by far the most regular team in France throughout the year. Difficulty in the play offs, after an extremely dominated regular season (17 wins for one defeat), the team was able to learn from its mistakes to win the final, once again showing off its collective strength. This is the fourth title for the Lyon structure, the most successful in the history of the championship, and for Jérémy “Eika” Valdenaire, a major architect of this new victorious campaign.

The two finalists of the evening will perhaps have the opportunity to cross swords again during the next European Masters, the second European level. Qualified directly for the main draw thanks to their good domestic performance, so they will not have to go through the play inunlike the other two representatives of the French league, GameWard and Vitality Beewho will enter the tournament next Tuesday.

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