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Esport – League of Legends – Sheo: “We’re aiming for the title”

“You seemed very in control during your group stage, winning all of your matches, as you twice faced Spanish champion Heretics, one of the favorites in the competition. Did you expect to dominate your opponents so much?
Yes, we are quite comfortable and confident. It’s a good meta (the most optimal style of play at the moment) for us right now. We know how to play matches and win them. I didn’t expect Heretics to be as high as people predicted. They are a bit overpriced, we trained against them a bit in the spring and then this summer. I think they have a good level, but they’re not an unbeatable team, they didn’t scare me. In LFL (the French league League of Legends)they would make a small top 6, I think.

You face Vitality Bee in the quarter-finals on Saturday (5 p.m.). Are you just as confident for the rest of the competition?
We don’t win a lot of scrims (training against other top teams), but the official matches go much better. I think we have a lot of confidence in ourselves, that’s what makes us manage to do well. Our difficulties in training are recent, there has been a change of meta, which forced us to work on new things, which we take a little time to set up. But we have very good players in all positions, we are aiming for the title.

Who do you see as favorites for these European Masters? Mainly French clubs, who have impressed since the start of the competition?
I would say LDLC OL, us, then Unicorns of Love. Between French clubs, we play all year round at a very high levelwhich prepares us to play against stronger players… This is not the case for other leagues.

Do you see yourselves stronger than in the spring, when you you were arrested from the groups of the European Masters ?
(He hesitates)
I think so. Personally, I have improved a lot and since my role, jungleis important, I think that we generally have a better level on the whole team.

For BDS Academy, this summer segment was marked by the arrival of Adam “Adam” Maanane, which has been impressing for a few weeks. What relationship do you have with him?
The first interaction I had with him was in South Korea, when we did a training camp with the first team (Adam previously played with BDS, at the highest European level, before being relegated to the academy team this summer). It was going well, we did some training together, he came to live in Geneva with us… He’s a good friend. He brings a lot to the team: he is very strong in one on one, he will always win his direct confrontation if we put him in the right mood.

How did you digest your defeat against LDLC OL in the LFL final on August 18?
I think LDLC OL completely missed their first match against us, so we slaughtered them and people thought we were way above them… And finally, we missed the final, they won the most important game. We all knew we had played badly, so we deserved to lose. »

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