Esport – League of Legends: Vitality Bee and GameWard qualified for the second round of the LFL play-offs

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Esport – League of Legends: Vitality Bee and GameWard qualified for the second round of the LFL play-offs

This week, the play-offs of the French championship of League of Legends (LFL) started in the first round. More than staying in the race for the title, the teams were playing their place in the European Masters (EUM) in these first two matches. With their victory, Vitality Bee and GameWard will therefore join LDLC OL and BDS Academy to represent France at the EUM. But the dice are not yet definitively cast, since their results in the elimination phase will determine their seeding in the tournament.

Bees at the top of their game

It was a sharpened version of Vitality Bee that showed up in the first round of the LFL play-offs on Wednesday night. On the rise since the start of the segment, he was expected as a favorite – but still surprised with his striking power in his match against Misfits Premier, which ended 3-0.

However, the Poles gave everything in their last game in LFL. the jungle Lucjan “Shlatan” Ahmad created the action in his team, building on his experience at the European Championship earlier in the segment. His aggressiveness was matched by that of Duncan “Skeanz” Marquet up front, but each time Misfits Premier didn’t concede the early game to the Bees.

It was in the mid game that Vitality Bee shone. He showed impeccable strategy, coordination and mechanical performance to turn every opportunity on the Rift in their favor, often offered by his seasoned support Jakub “Jactroll” Skurzyski on Leona (played in all three sets).

His opponent, disconcerted, gave Vitality Bee a little more margin in each set, to finally bow without managing to open the scoring. This performance can only give hope for the best for the Abeilles in the future. play offs, as Misfits Premier concluded their final LFL season before their departure. They will face GameWard also very in form in the second round, next week.

The Nemesis of the Karmine Corp

It is an exploit. After finishing a low spring split, GameWard defied the odds and moved up the LFL Summer Split standings. And after its 3 to 1 victory against Karmine Corp in the first round of the play-offs on Thursday, the club confirms its best season since its creation: it confirmed the Top 4 of the classification and obtained its first appearance at the European Masters.

Although having won its last two clashes against Karmine Corp, GameWard was not a favorite. The reason: the stakes and the format of the match, in best-of-fivewhich clearly promotes mental toughness and strategy – something seasoned Karmine players don’t lack.

And yet. Throughout the match, the teams returned the blows and redoubled their aggressiveness, showing no fear in the face of the stakes, especially at the start of the game. Despite results below expectations during the summer segment, Karmine Corp was not unworthy against GameWard: the match did not go well. But his adversary took the upper hand with his dazzling individualities and a formidable collective, showing a solid preparation which contrasted with his end of lackluster regular season.

In turn, GameWard players have taken the spotlight. While Philippe “Akabane” on Wukong and Kamil “Kamilius” Košál on Renata Glasc masterfully led the aggression in the first round, Nihat “Innaxe” Aliev distinguished himself with a pentakill in the second victory and benefited from an impassable wall erected by the Swain of Pawe “Czekolad” Szczepanik to decimate the opponents in the last.

By concluding this match, GameWard thus put an end to a year and a half of domination of Karmine Corp in the EUM. After winning the last three editions – a historic feat, his 2022 season ends with a bitter taste.

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