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Esport – Rocket League – Extra: “I thought I was in a dream”

“On August 14, you were crowned, together with your BDS teammates, Rocket League World Champion. What does this victory mean to you?
Alex “Extra” Paoli (BDS):
I can’t quite figure it out yet, so it’s hard to say. It’s still the top, it will inevitably mean that we will be seen differently by other players and other organizations. We all accomplished our dream. And I think the cashprize ($600,000 to be shared between the winning trio) shouldn’t be overlooked either… Personally, it’s going to change my life completely.

Did you expect this victory at the Worlds? You had a very solid year, but came out of a big disappointment at the last Major.
After our performance in London, we did not expect to win. We had a lack of self-confidence. But with all the work done before these World Championships, we still had the objective of finishing in the top 4. It’s a result that would have already made us happy. We saw perhaps more dangerous teams like Moist and G2, who have been very consistent this year.

Did your successful group stage (victory against Renegades 4-1 then against Version1 4-0) reassure you?
We still had a fairly soft start, it took us a long time to get into it. But it was time to put in place the work we had done between London and the Worlds. Fortunately, the two opposing teams weren’t playing very well, so it was two fairly easy matches. It helped us get into the tournament.

In the quarter-finals, for your first match of the day on Sunday, you were opposed to the other French-speaking team still in contention, Karmine Corp, which you know very well. How did you experience this meeting under tension (victory 4-3 in the end)?
We were in the same training camp before the Worlds, we saw each other every day, we are all friends… It was a special match, which was seen from the moment we walked on stage. My teammates feared the KC a lot, it’s a team that knows how to put us in difficulty most of the time. We knew it was going to be tight, probably the hardest of our matches, especially since it was the first of the day.

I think both teams were very stressed, nervous to play in front of the public. In the match, it was felt. Each in turn, there was a team that largely dominated the other and scored a lot of goals, until the seventh and final round. I think we made a very good start in this last game, it allowed us to go a little over the top… But at the end, the pressure came back, we left a lot of space for Karmine, who had many opportunities. I think it was really the fear of winning.
In the semi-finals, you are opposed to Furia, who had just eliminated Moist, competition favorite. Led 2-0, you manage to reverse the course of the match to win (4-2). What triggered you?

Individually, we felt good even if we lost the first two games. We put a lot of pressure, we are better than the team opposite, we just make a mistake: rushing too much. Furia recognized it well and took advantage of it. But our coach (Theo “Mew” Ponzoni) took a time-out, because he had identified what was wrong. He told us to take our time and calm things down. That’s what we did and we passed rather quietly.

Finally, this final against G2 (4-1) turned out to be quite quiet. How do you explain it?
I think we were hot from our match against Furia and that G2 had a lot of pressure because of the public. They didn’t play at all as they are able and on our side, we were playing very well. When we scored the 3-0 goal in the last match, we still had 12 seconds left, but the four of us said to ourselves that we had to stay in it. We did not realize that it was already won…

After the end of the match, you are seen congratulating yourself with your teammates and then you stay on the ground for a few seconds. What’s going on in your head at that moment?
I kinda lost track of reality at the end of the game. I really thought I was in a dream. When I managed to realize what had happened, I was quite moved, because I sacrificed a lot in my life for that moment. All of these emotions came flooding back.

You and Evan “M0nkey M00n” Rogez dominate Rocket League competitions with BDS for a year and a half, but the last two editions of the Worlds had been canceled due to Covid-19. How did you manage to stay motivated despite everything?
This title is a consecration, because we deserved it at one time or another. The Covid really put a stop to us at a time when we had everything in hand to succeed, it brought us down. We lost a lot of motivation, which we were able to regain afterwards, but at the time it was very hard to tell ourselves that there were no Worlds to formalize our status as n°1, after having played every day for months for that… We had to put things into perspective, to tell ourselves that it wasn’t that serious. And we still had this motivation to prove that we were the best team in the world. »

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