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Esports – Highlights from the return of EVO

SkullGirls: a sixth title for SonicFox

In the large community of versus fighting, no player can boast of greater versatility as Dominique “SonicFox” McLean. This weekend, the extroverted American wrote a new page in his legend by winning the title on SkullGirls, a fighting game which made its first appearance in Las Vegas, after an incredibly tight final (0-3 , 3-2). The representative of Evil Geniuses wins his sixth trophy at EVO on … a fourth different license (victories over Injustice in 2014, over Mortal Kombat in 2015, 2016 and 2019, and over Dragon Ball FighterZ in 2018). A unique feat.

Street Fighter V: Kawano overcomes the legends

The most anticipated license of each EVO, Street Fighter once again delighted the crowds on this 2022 edition. Nathan “Mister Crimson” Massolalready, finished in an honorable 7th place, after dismissing his compatriot Olivier “Luffy” Hay on the road. By the longevity of Japanese legends Daigo “TheBeast” Umehara (41 years old and a first title at EVO in 2003), 5th, and his old rival Hajime “Tokido” Taniguchi, 4th. By the victory, finally and above all, of Masaki “Kawano” Kawano, finally crowned in face after his online title last year.

Tekken 7: Knee brings Pakistan to its knees

Winner of EVO 2019 and most of the last major tournaments on Tekken 7, Arslan “Arslan Ash” Siddique was the big favorite for the 2022 edition. Sent very early to the loser bracket, the Pakistani began a slow comeback which ended at the door of the final against his training partner and compatriot, Imran “KHAN”. Khan. The latter then lost in the final against the often placed but rarely winning South Korean Jae-Min “Knee” Bae.

The French were there

From this EVO, France will obviously retain the formidable journey of its representatives on DragonBall FighterZ, concluded by the historic title of Marwan “Wawa” Berthe. But, despite very sparse delegations, the Habs also responded to certain other licenses. Two of them have also reached the top 8 – Nathan “Mister Crimson” Massol on Street Fighter V (7th) and Vincent “Super Akouma” Homan on Tekken 7 (5th) – and have set dates for the next edition.

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