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Euro: wingers have fun against Germany

The stat that slams! Three of the four French wingers signed a 100% on shots on Tuesday. Only Alicia Toublanc had less success (1/4). Otherwise, Pauline Coatanéa (3/3), Chloé Valentini (2/2) and Coralie Lassource (4/4) achieved a clear round. It should be noted especially since the majority of their goals were from place play since the only one to have scored on the counter-attack was Coralie Lassource (3 of her 4 goals).

Tuesday, against Germany, this game sector was a model of its kind. Finely prepared upstream, according to Olivier Krumbholz, the French coach: “We observed on the video that they do a lot of inverted climbs, they uncover the wing. We were well prepared for that, we were good at shooting in this sector. » Ten goals between them, Tuesday, while their collective counter was 28 over the previous four games.

Tuesday, it was through the wings that France managed a first win in the score (7-6, 20th to 10-7, 23rd). Thanks to Chloé Valentini on the left side then on the opposite side by Pauline Coatanéa, who was welcome to take over from Alicia Toublanc, a little less in spirit. “Frankly it’s great, we’re lucky, we play with us on both sides, we’re served”appreciates Alicia Toublanc, delighted for the girlfriends even if she was less successful than them.

Active in defence, confident in attack

Twice, Coatanéa benefited from a shift from Laura Flippes, right back who, having played for a long time in the corner, knows not to forget her neighbor on the edge of the sideline. “Yes, it’s nice, there were real solutions. The backs were impacted, it’s good to be able to vary the game, “ slips Pauline Coatanéa. “I am happy to have been able to take over from Alicia and to have helped in the complementarity”, she still appreciates. “Feeling good in defense where we were very active helps to project and have more confidence on the attack. I had a lot of fun,” adds the Brestoise.

In the second half, it was in the moped version that the wings stood out, in particular Coralie Lassource, impeccable: the former captain slammed his four goals in six minutes (53rd to 59th) to definitively annihilate German hopes. “It’s so cool to see that we can play the wingers in their corner or in the big space”, remarks Toublanc again. Obviously delighted that this sector has brought its share to validate the ticket for the semi-final.

“It’s obviously fun, we’re not going to be disappointed to be in the half”, balance, hilarious, Coralie Lassource. Supporter like many of not releasing the pressure this Wednesday evening against Spain, even if there is no longer really a stake: “It’s up to Oliver (Krumbholz) to see but I will take it like all the other matches because it remains a European Championship match. » Same idea at Coatanea: “We have to continue to be focused. It will be a match to work, to find affinities. I have the feeling that we are gaining momentum. »

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