Felix Sanchez Bas (Qatar): “There was a lot of nervousness”

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Felix Sanchez Bas (Qatar): “There was a lot of nervousness”

Felix Sanchez Bas (Qatar coach, beaten 0-2 by Ecuador at the opening of the World Cup) : “It was not the expected match. We will have to analyze what happened and focus on the next game, which will be at least as demanding. We can improve, we didn’t play at our best level. Maybe the nerves betrayed us, we got off to a really bad start.

We were very imprecise technically, we never chained four passes and we were not balanced in transition. We will try to improve tactically and be more solid. In the second half the game was more balanced but the truth is that we didn’t get that close either. I think we were far from what we can give. Today there was a lot of nervousness. It’s the World Cup, the first, we play in front of our audience. »

Karim Boudiaf (Qatar midfielder): “Maybe it’s the pressure or I don’t know what happened… During the whole match, we weren’t in it, we didn’t play well, we didn’t play our soccer. (…) Now we are going to play Senegal and Holland. We will say that they are the favorites of the group, so we know that it will be very difficult but there is always a chance. We know that the next game is going to be crucial for us.”


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