FIFA to reinstate licensing requirement for agents

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FIFA to reinstate licensing requirement for agents

The profession of agent has become ubiquitous in professional football. Faced with many excesses, FIFA has chosen to frame the regulations on their subject with a reform. The new rules will be in effect Monday, January 9. Several changes will be effective, in particular with the reintroduction of a license, the prohibition of multiple representations and the capping of commissions.

These new regulations were adopted in December in Doha by the FIFA Council, which sees “a decisive step […] in creating a fairer and more transparent transfer system in football”.

“Protecting the integrity of the transfer system”

“The regulation makes it possible to establish minimum standards to regulate the function of agent and the services provided to clients, with in particular the creation of a system for issuing compulsory licenses, the prohibition of multiple representation in order to avoid conflicts of interest or the capping of agents’ commissions”specified FIFA, which thus hopes “strengthen contractual stability, protect the integrity of the transfer system and achieve greater financial transparency. »

It is a question of overcoming the lack of regulation governing the profession of agent since the abolition of licenses by FIFA in 2015. Since that date, only certain federations still control their skills and their activity. In France, they must pass an exam and their accounts can be submitted since 2017 to the DNCG.

The other recurring criticism against agents concerns their remuneration, which is mainly indexed to the amount of transfers rather than the players’ salary, encouraging them to push for a change of club. FIFA intends to put an end to this system with a ceiling on commissions set at between 3 and 6% of the annual salary, if the agent represents the player and/or the buying club, and at 10% on transfer fees if he represents the selling club.


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