Financial fair play: PSG, OM and Monaco sanctioned by UEFA

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Financial fair play: PSG, OM and Monaco sanctioned by UEFA

UEFA formalized, this Friday afternoon, that The Team revealed on August 19 : PSG, OM, but also Monaco are subject to sanctions by the club financial control body (ICFC) of the European Confederation for having exceeded the authorized deficit of 30 million over three financial years. They are sanctioned in the same way as five other clubs: AC Milan, Besiktas, Juventus, AS Roma and Inter.

Of all the clubs concerned, it is PSG which receives the heaviest fine, because it is the one which has most exceeded the deficit admitted by UEFA: it amounts to 65 million in all, including 55 million euros suspended. Which means that Paris must immediately pay 10 million euros. For their part, OM and Monaco suffer the lowest financial penalty. It is 2 million euros each, including 1.7 million suspended, or 300,000 euros each payable immediately.

Paris, Marseille and ASM have three years to comply

Following proceedings initiated in February or March, these sanctions now apply under the “settlement agreement” that the eight clubs in question have signed. They then have three years (PSG, OM and Monaco are in this case) or four years to gradually comply with the regulations of financial fair play under penalty of significantly increased penalties. Suspended fines must be paid gradually.

It is also a question of “restriction of the number of players”. Clearly, as detailed by the European body, “the club cannot register more than 23 players on its A list compared to the maximum of 25 players provided for in the competition regulations”. This measure could apply during the 2023-2024 season and be extended to 2024-2025 and/or 2025-2026. If they do not fit in the nails, PSG, OM, Monaco and the other five also risk a “ban on the registration of new players on its A list during UEFA club competitions. »

Finally, the ultimate sanction for those who do not follow the agreement with UEFA is radical: “Exclusion from the next UEFA club competition for which they would qualify. This measure applies, subject to conditions, to the 2024-25 and/or 2025-26 seasons. »


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