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France-Spain breaks a new record on Twitch

Lucas “Squeezie” Hauchard and his Formula 4 GP Explorer had established a record audience peak for a French Twitch channel beginning of October but… this bar has already fallen. The Eleven All Stars, a France – Spain football match between streamers and youtubers designed and organized by Amine at the Stade Jean-Bouin (Paris) attracted up to nearly 1.16M spectators at the end of the match on the channel of this last. Approximately 120,000 more than Squeezie’s Grand Prix.

Even if a few Spaniards (whose official broadcast, only on Youtube, peaked around 600,000 viewers) may have participated in setting this new record, the French Twitch therefore exceeded one million viewers twice in just over a month and for two sporting events.

20,000 people also filled the stands of Jean-Bouin on Saturday evening, to witness the victory of the French (2-0). A rematch is expected to be staged in the coming months.

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