Galtier (PSG) after the victory in Toulouse: “We need a defender”

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Galtier (PSG) after the victory in Toulouse: “We need a defender”

“You ended up with a midfield three. Is it a goal to be able to start a match like that?
Yes, we ended up at three. We have very few sessions to work on it, but I wanted to do it. From there to start a match like that … We have a workforce for, over certain periods of the match. To hold the ball a little better, to avoid suffering. At 2-0, the match seems settled, but the third goal is always important in these moments.

“We can only be satisfied when we see the match”

Christophe Galtier on his attacking trio

You conceded a few chances. Is this an assumed imbalance?
I can’t tell you that I want to see my team off balance. There is a certain way to recover the ball, we play very high so we have flaws. You have to be a little more pressing on the ball carrier. As soon as one is not, there can be difficult situations. Danilo played on the left, it took him a few minutes to find his bearings.

Are you satisfied with the performance of the front three?
We can only be satisfied when we see the game. There are many relationships between them but also with Verratti and Vitinha. The way you get the ball out is important. What we did not do against Monaco. We take risks, but we must insist.

And you chose to release two of them…
It’s an obligation, I’ve already talked about it with them. They are never happy to go out, that’s how it is. But from the moment they had a very good match, it was important to get Ney out, he made two contacts, he has a game that exposes him. Leo had to be unloaded on a physical plane.

Is it possible to make the season without a new recruit in defense?
It would be better to have it. It would be preferable. We always wanted it. We will see what will happen during the day. But we need it to chain the matches.

Skriniar, is it still possible?
The transfer window is still open. But you shouldn’t ask me the question. I always ask to stay focused on preparing for matches. »


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