Gauthier Gallon: “I didn’t feel any guys who wanted to”

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Gauthier Gallon: “I didn’t feel any guys who wanted to”

Gauthier Gallon, goalkeeper of Estac, at the microphone of Amazon Prime after the defeat of Troyes against Lyon (4-1) : “We take a silly goal at the start of the match. We put a little thorn in our side. And we raise our heads casually, we manage to score, we come back to 1-1 (at the break). It’s positive, we manage to contain them a little, to put them in danger. But we don’t have the right to come back in the second half and not put in the intensity we need, the rigor we need from the start. Did we see each other too good by scoring just before half-time? I do not know. But there we put a bullet in the foot. We didn’t show anything in the second half. In the attitudes, it was not good. I didn’t feel any guys who wanted to tear themselves away, to get back into the game. Even if we are not going to lie to each other, we had a very, very strong team opposite. They are talented players. There is an offensive armada which is powerful. »

Bruno Irles, coach of Troyes, at the microphone of Amazon Prime : “We delivered a very good first period but also two catastrophic half-time starts. The regrets are there. We came across a very good Lyon team which gained momentum during the match and which took advantage of our largesse at the start of each period. The team cracked on individual errors which may be due to a lack of confidence. The collective was able to respond once but not a second. I want to remember the first period. We will build on this in future meetings. I signed with Estac to perpetuate the club in Ligue 1 and the City Group project to develop young players. Some started in Ligue 1 against Lyon. I understand the fans who complain because they want results that are not there after three days. Last season there weren’t any at the start either. When I arrived, it was difficult but the group knew how to react. Yes, there are four descents. Last year, we wouldn’t have been relegated. We will do everything not to be this season. »


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