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Emily Scarratt is finally the image of her team. Not always inspired, often pushed around, it always ends up winning in the end, settling the debates once and for all. Icon of world rugby, the eternal number 13 of the fifteen of England has not always done everything well during this World Cup in New Zealand.

At the dawn of the grand final against the Black Ferns, she nevertheless appears as a reassuring beacon for her team, in the same way as captain Sarah Hunter or the movers of the pack of forwards Sarah Bern and Marlie Packer. Cherry on the cake, she is even appreciated by her victims: several players from the France team told us that she was always fair play on the field and adorable outside. A quality not necessarily shared by all its partners according to some Blue…

Two finals lost against New Zealand

But now, Scarratt (32 years old) may tick all the criteria of the ideal daughter-in-law, she remains a friable rugby player. Since the beginning of the competition, she has often made the wrong choices, multiplied the faults of hand, suffered the contacts. Against France in hen (13-7), she had thus lived a bad moment vis-a-vis the defensive aggressiveness of Gabrielle Vernier.

In the semi-final won by England against Canada last weekend (26-19), she again narrowly missed in sequence, missing a tackle here, adjusting a jump pass badly there. But all these approximations were finally swept away with a setback by decisive flashes. Physically above most of these vis-à-vis, Scarratt regularly manages to break through the defense and creates a mess that her teammates take pleasure in exploiting.

“We did everything we could, and the result will be what it is. We will have no regrets”

And the three-quarter center, who was entitled to his mural in his hometown of Leicester, can also count on the address of his right foot, as in the 70th minute of the match against the Canadians, where his penalty distance and against the wind to crucify the last North American hopes. Since the start of the World Cup, Scarratt has been the best director (38 points). His efficiency against the posts will perhaps be one of the keys to the final against the Black Ferns supported by the whole country.

“We feel ready for the challengeexplained the best player in the world of the year 2019 this week. We did everything we could, and the result will be what it is. We will have no regrets. » Already part of the world title in 2014 (she also scored 16 of England’s 21 points in the final against Canada), Scarratt will also have revenge to take against the New Zealanders. “I’ve been to two World Cup finals where we lost to them (in 2010 and 2017), she recalled. So I would be lying if I said that I don’t want to rebalance the debates a bit. »

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