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Hand – Right of reply of the FFHB

The French Handball Federation wishes to react to articles that have recently appeared in the press following facts that have been presented in a confused and defamatory manner.

The FFHandball wishes to clarify the facts and the actions in progress.

On July 22, in accordance with federal statutes, the Board of Directors, in complete independence, did not validate a candidate proposed to join the national management control commission (CNCG). Following this decision, the Federation registered the resignation of Florence Moraglia, as president of the CNCG. This resignation automatically led, in application of the rules of procedure, to the dissolution of the commission and the end of the mandates of its members.

In accordance with the statutes and internal regulations of the FFHandball, the Board of Directors ensures the mission of management control due to the failure of the CNCG. Therefore, in order to ensure the continuity of management control, it entrusted Rémy Lévy, vice-president in charge of legal affairs, surrounded by experts and employees, with the mandate to ensure its responsibility until the appointment of a new CNCG, which must take place at the next Board meeting.

The Federation wanted to reassure the clubs and bodies concerned by the control of the CNCG, that all the procedures and authorizations for the start of the season are up to date. The FFHandball also made a point of informing the professional clubs of this new organization as of July 29. The Federation is strongly attached to the development of its amateur and professional women’s sector, as it has proven for many years by the actions they carry out.

The Federation also wishes to specify that it has exchanged and detailed all the procedures in progress with its supervisory ministry. No irregularities were notified by the Ministry of Sports and the Olympic and Paralympic Games. Contrary to the comments made by some former members of the CNCG, the Federation respects all the members of the commissions and all the volunteers who work for the FFHandball without distinction of their level of intervention. Federal elected officials, all of whom are also volunteers, have a deep respect for missions and people.

On the form, the Federation deplores the defamatory attacks directed against people, in particular those against Vice-President Rémy Lévy which are serious and unfounded. FFHandball regrets that these attacks were relayed by ill-informed journalists. It reserves the right to initiate actions and legal proceedings against the authors of these scandalous and misleading processes.

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