Harry Kane (England) deprived of “One Love” armband against Iran

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Harry Kane (England) deprived of “One Love” armband against Iran

Harry Kane had however formulated things clearly. This Sunday, during the conference preceding the entry into the running of the Three Lions in this World Cup against Iran, Monday afternoon (2 p.m.), the English captain had affirmed that he would wear the inclusive “One Love” armbandeven though he was penalized with a yellow card for it.

But this Monday morning, Mark Bullingham, the chief executive of the FA (English Federation), was already less affirmative on the subject when he was questioned by BBC Radio 4. “It’s an evolving situation. There are ongoing discussions (between FA and FIFA). We are currently working on these topics. It is true that FIFA indicated yesterday (sunday) that there could be sporting sanctions (if wearing the rainbow armband) ». The FA official continued: “We made it clear that we wanted to wear this armband, it’s important for us. But at the same time, we have to move forward in our discussions to see how far they will go. We have to consider all the implications. »

The FA were ready to accept a fine but not necessarily a yellow card

Bullingham clarified that the FA would be quite prepared to pay a fine linked to the wearing of this armband, because “ it’s important to show our support for inclusion “. But on the other hand, “ if there is a sporting sanction (and in particular a yellow card), it is something to think about “.

It is now all thought out: England is one of the seven European nations having officially made it known, this Monday at the end of the morning by press releasethat they could not “not put (their) players in a position where they could face sporting sanctions, including exclusions; we have therefore asked captains not to attempt to wear the armband during World Cup matches. »


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