Hugo Lloris, before France-England: “A great battle”

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Hugo Lloris, before France-England: “A great battle”

“Aren’t you afraid that Kylian Mbappé will overplay against the English?
He is in his match, in his preparation. He ignores what is being said. He has very specific objectives, both individual and with the team. I feel him detached, smiling, focused on this match, like what he has been showing since the start of the competition.

You’ve been in England for a while. What is more English about you? And how do you experience the rivalry between the two nations?
To answer the first question, my two children who were born in England. My daughters are in English schools but they receive a French education. The rivalry exists, they are two great football nations. It also exists in rugby. It leads to great battles. A France-England has a special flavor. We are preparing to meet expectations. We want to do everything to reach the semi-finals. Facing a team with ambition, it announces a great game.

“It’s not for me to judge my performance, rather for you”

What do you think of this English team?
There is progress. It is a very mature team, which had bad luck at the Euro (defeat in the final on penalties against Italy). She wasn’t far. She’s here to win. There is a very competitive new generation, which plays in the biggest clubs in Europe. There is a good mix between old and young. It announces a great battle.

The English media have targeted you as the weak point…
I’m not going to settle accounts at a press conference. The most important thing is the ground. In the quarter-finals of the World Cup, you don’t need motivation that comes from outside. They have their opinion and it will be necessary to respond on the ground.

How do you judge your start to competition? It seems that you sometimes look for difficulty in the kicking game?
It’s not for me to judge my performance, rather for you. The most important thing is to stay efficient and help the team. We sometimes find ourselves in situations where teams press on raises. It’s a matter of choice at the time. Sometimes we do the right thing, sometimes not. At this level of competition you have to get closer to perfection.

Tell us about your relationship with Harry Kane?
In nine years, we know each other well, on and off the pitch. I have only positive things to say about him. He is a leader, an example and a top player. He is decisive and is used to making differences. »


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