Igor Tudor (OM coach) after the victory against LOSC: “We pushed more than them”

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Igor Tudor (OM coach) after the victory against LOSC: “We pushed more than them”

“How do you feel after this victory (2-1 on Saturday evening during the 7th day of Ligue 1) against Lille?
It was probably not a trap match, rather a very important match for us against a direct opponent for the top of the ranking. They won the league title two years ago, they have good players, a good coach, who was able to change the system (going to 3-5-2), who was able to adapt. But tonight we were better than them, it’s a deserved victory, I want to congratulate my players.

Why did you release Leonardo Balerdi from the 28th minute tonight?
I must have done something that I don’t like to do, I don’t appreciate releasing a player like that. It’s not because he played badly, but I had the impression that the referee had an easy card and I thought that Leo was in danger of taking a second warning. I didn’t like the fact that he was whistled, it’s not nice to whistle your own players. Especially him that he is a good guy, he always gives the maximum, in the past, he has always performed well, he is a good player.

What do you think of the moral resources of your team?
At halftime, I told them that I was looking forward to seeing what might happen. I wanted us to come out well, and that’s what the players did. They pushed well, they managed to score against a serious team, which had a week to prepare, seven days, it should not be forgotten. They changed the system too. Honestly, we were just better than them, we pushed more than them and I think it bears repeating.

Why didn’t you use Dimitri Payet tonight, especially at the end of the game, when you preferred to bring in Gerson?
I’ve already been asked the question three times tonight, it’s the joker question, whether we win or lose! I congratulate those who played tonight. The front three performed very well. Dimitri, I see him in a good moment, he feels good, like Gerson (substitute tonight) or the whole team. There are a lot of matches, everyone is important. We spoke with Dimitri yesterday (Friday), I explained my plan to him, as we play every three days, he will start on Tuesday (against Frankfurt, in the Champions League). He is a player who always responds when called upon, he feels better after his little problem, he resumed training just before London. He is positive, and I know his qualities. »


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