Igor Tudor (OM): “Obvious fatigue and many injuries”

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Igor Tudor (OM): “Obvious fatigue and many injuries”

Igor Tudor (OM coach, beaten 0-1 by Frankfurt): “We entered the game too slowly, as if we were impressed by this Champions League game at home. We were too slow in the construction and we didn’t make the difference up front.

In the second period, we pushed and we deserved a goal. He didn’t arrive and in the end, we lose against a strong team. It was the third match in six days, there is obvious fatigue and a lot of injuries. We end up with only one defender and players who miss passes that they usually don’t miss.

We will see for Sunday what defense we will be able to line up. We have a lot of problems in this sector. I made the changes because I needed something different. Those who entered brought a lot. They didn’t dominate that much, the first period was rather balanced, even if it’s true that we didn’t create a lot up front. In the second, we really pushed. We come from the 4th hat and we try to do the best we can. Today, we lost but we gave everything. Game-wise, it’s not our best game. We will play the third game without calculation, preparing as we usually do. »

Jordan Veretout (midfielder of Marseille, at the microphone of Canal+ Foot): “It’s a disappointment, but you can’t always be disappointed. We showed a good face but the first period was not enough.

In the second half, we tried to push to get back to the score but he missed this last gesture, this goal to be rewarded. We must not throw everything away either, we will have to continue to work. It’s not enough in the Champions League. They put us in difficulty, the opponents are watching us on video, we tried to get them high up but they found spaces behind our backs.

In the second half, we went for them even higher, the block came with us but we failed to score this goal to ignite this match and win. […] I think we’re not far off, but it’s not enough, you have to score goals to exist in the Champions League. »


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