Igor Tudor (OM): “There will be a defender who will arrive”

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Igor Tudor (OM): “There will be a defender who will arrive”

” What do you think of the arrival of Issa Kaboré? In what physical condition are the recruits, especially the latest?
Kaboré, we wanted him to complete the right lane. He is physically interesting, he knows the Championship. He will really help us for this position. The whole team is progressing. There is not necessarily a perfect rhythm in August, we see it in all formations. Brest and us (1-1, last Sunday) we ran a lot, almost 114-115 km per team, a good match. It is also a match that was played in the evening, necessarily, the physical level is a little less intense.

On the three front positions, do you have a lot of solutions available? What profiles do you prefer for this attacking trio?
It depends on the match, but we always have a striker in front, and two variable players below, depending on the opponent. We have a real margin of progress compared to the last two matches. I’m happy with the squad. In terms of profiles, we have a lot of different players. We have an attacking midfielder with Gerson, a number 10 with Payet, a winger with Ünder. The important thing is that they score goals and make assists. At the offensive level, it does not change too much whether the players are more on one side or in the axis. The important thing is really that there is a connection between the whole attacking line, between the whole team. Luis Suarez arrived late during this transfer window, Alexis Sanchez four days before his premiere in Brest. Under played little in this role. Milik had problems at the start of the preparation Bakambu and Payet can play in all three positions. These are individual cases, but we have quality players, and I’m sure we will improve. I have to give them the opportunity to win matches, it will happen.

“If I get whistled again and we win, that’s fine with me! »

With Milik, Suarez, Dieng or Sanchez available, do you have a clear hierarchy for the centre-forward position?
There is no number 1, two or three at the top, in my hierarchy. We can’t deny that we have six or seven forwards, plus Gerson, for three positions. We will have to see for the release of certain elements. It will be assessed match by match, to see if we have a striker with two midfielders, or three strikers, etc.

Alexis Sanchez has already played half time in Brest. Is he physically better than you thought before he arrived? What does he bring to the group?
He’s a champion, just look at the teams he played with. He brings a lot of qualities, not only in terms of talent, but in terms of brains, desire, professionalism. He’s not here for fun. He really wants to give everything, brings a lot of seriousness. This positively influences the team.

How many recruits do you still expect by the end of the transfer window?
There will be a defender who will arrive, that’s for sure, for the rest we’ll see.

After being whistled on the first day, before kick-off against Reims, you explained that the fans were always right. Can you expand? What reception do you expect on Saturday?
We play for the supporters, there is not much to add. In the first match, the whistles of the fans brought us luck. If I get whistled again and we win, that’s fine with me! The important thing is that the players are not whistled”.


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