Jackson Porozo (Ecuador): “Here to win the World Cup”

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Jackson Porozo (Ecuador): “Here to win the World Cup”

“Had you always dreamed of competing in the World Cup?
Yes, but it wasn’t my first childhood dream. When I left my village of San Lorenzo to try my luck in Quito, the capital, I was only 11 years old. My greatest joy would have been to play in the Liga Deportiva Universitaria (Club of Quito). And since that was not possible, I dreamed of becoming a great policeman. Because I’m tall (1.92 m), I like authority and the police outfit suits me very well (he smiles).

Not too many regrets, therefore, to live an opening match of the World Cup?
(he smiles again)
No, because it’s amazing! As a child, I watched Ronaldinho and Messi play it. Maradona too, on videos. Today it’s my turn. It’s a big responsibility.

Mixed with pressure, apprehension, a little fear, too, perhaps?
Fear, no. Our selection was very well prepared. We won’t be afraid. It’s nice to be able to play such a match. This is a great opportunity to seize.

Is beating Qatar imperative to reach the round of 16?
There is never an opponent or match less difficult than another. Sometimes you think that’s the case and, once on the pitch, it’s just the opposite.

” Favorites ? One, Ecuador. Second, Ecuador and third, Ecuador »

Is it a handicap to have to face football that you are not used to?
Not that much. Many of us play in Europe and already know other footballs. This is a real plus for Ecuador.

Speaking of which, how do you find Ligue 1?
It is a more difficult Championship than that of Portugal (he played at Boavista from 2020 to 2022 before arriving at Troyes). The game is more demanding and goes faster than in South America. I often have to go back and forth on the pitch and I have less time and space to play. There are also a lot of young people.

Jackson Porozo with Ecuador against Japan. (Icon sports)

Are young people the key to Ecuador’s renewal?
Yes. Ecuador have grown a lot and rejuvenated in recent years incorporating the backbone of my generation as South American champions and then third at the Under-20 World Cup in 2019 (1). It’s a bit new in our country, it gives us great responsibility and ambition. The first objective was to qualify for Qatar (2). The next one is not just about reaching the knockout stages. We did not come here to participate but to win the World Cup. Even if Brazil and Argentina are announced as favorites.

What is your favorite trio?
One, Ecuador. Second, Ecuador and third, Ecuador (he’s laughing).

What drives you to such optimism?
We showed good things in qualifying. Before having held Brazil and Argentina in check (1-1, January 27 and March 30, 2022)we largely beat Uruguay (4-2, October 13, 2020)Colombia (6-1, November 17, 2020) and we went to win in Chile (2-0, November 17, 2021). We hope to see a great Ecuador in Qatar. »

(1) So Porozo, Moises Ramirez, Diego Palacios, Pervis Estupinan, José Cifuentes and Gonzalo Plata.

(2) Ecuador finished fourth in AmSud qualifying, behind Brazil, Argentina and Uruguay, but ahead of Peru, Chile and Colombia.

Jackson Porozo, in the jersey of Troyes, against the Paris-SG of the Brazilian Neymar.  (B. Papon/The Team)

Jackson Porozo, in the jersey of Troyes, against the Paris-SG of the Brazilian Neymar. (B. Papon/The Team)


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