Jonathan Clauss (OM) before the reception of LOSC: “We are not robots”

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Jonathan Clauss (OM) before the reception of LOSC: “We are not robots”

It’s never pleasant. But there are circumstances, game facts that explain it. You have to take the positive out of it. We really disturbed Tottenham. We expected a more enterprising team. If the opponent decides not to go out, it’s difficult to find the fault. We’re not missing much offensively. We have things to improve but overall it is consistent. And this fact of the game (the expulsion of Mbemba in the 47th minute) weighs on us. We showed character, seriousness, involvement. You have to switch to Lille, which is coming quickly.

How is the game of pistons organized between you and Nuno Tavares?

It’s a lot in the concentration and in the vision. When Nuno is going to press, I tighten in the axis to almost switch to a four-man defense. Same on the other side for Nuno. It’s mostly up to the appreciation of the action, sometimes we both go up. There are times when you have to avoid it and times when you go for it. Nuno and I are not robots and we won’t be decisive in every match, all year round. But we know how to manage differently sometimes by defending well.

Did you expect to come out in the 70th against Tottenham?

No, it was not specifically planned. The coach makes his choices. I could go ask him for an explanation. But we don’t have time to complain. If all the players did that, there would be people in his office.

In Lens, you hit some set pieces. Do you itch at OM?

No, it doesn’t bother me. I don’t know if the coach is aware that I know how to shoot them. But he has his directives and he knows what he is doing.

Jonathan Clauss with the Blood and Gold. (A. Réau/L’Équipe)

By signing for OM, do you feel like you have changed in dimension?

Media, yes. I feel like I spend a lot of time on my phone, but I wish I was on it a little less. But the pressure I always put on myself, no matter the team where I play. I am demanding with myself. I’m always on the go. What I want to show on the pitch is this requirement.

Doing good performances in the Champions League is it essential in order to be retained with the Blues for the World Cup?

If I was focused on the France team, I would lose the main objective. I am focused on OM, I already have enough pressure. Les Bleus is the ultimate goal, but that doesn’t mean I’m planning. If I am good for Marseille, I will have a chance to be in blue. »


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