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Jonathan David (Canada): “We can beat Belgium”

Jonathan David begins his first World Cup on Wednesday. He has already conquered his public in selection where he won with 22 achievements in 35 caps. With the help of his Bayern teammate, Alphonso Davies, who announced Sunday morning on the Canadian channel TSM, that he was fit to compete, LOSC centre-forward would now like to become the first scorer of the Canucks in Lplanetary test. It will be against the country that launched it in Europe, in Ghent (2017 to 2020) before his arrival at the Mastiffs.

“Can you beat Belgium?
Of course we can do it.

In what position are you most impactful in selection?
I play centre-forward in a club. The coach knows where I am most effective. But I can help in support, or on the right or left side.

What is Canada’s objective in Qatar?
We want to show that we are a football nation. That we have very good players. And a very good team. Like the other three opponents, we will have to try to get out of the group stage. And if so, then see how far we can go.

“Belgium gives a chance to young players who can develop. I’m lucky to have been in this club (Ghent) and that I was given the opportunity to play”

Is this a special game for you?
I started at sixteen in Belgium (in Ghent). I only have good memories there. But I have to stay 100% focused on the game to help my team as much as possible. Let’s say it was an important step in my career. Belgium gives a chance to young players who can develop. I am lucky to have been at this club and given the opportunity to play. I tried to show every day that I deserved it.

Have you kept in touch with Amadou Onana, a former Lille player, who went to Everton (ANG)?
We haven’t had too many contacts recently. I think we will talk to each other on game day. He is a very good player with a lot of ability, which explains his move to Everton.

You were the most expensive departure in the history of Belgium (25 M€ excluding commission). Charles De Ketelaere (Club Bruges to AC Milan), passed you this summer (€32m excluding bonus)….
I am not disappointed (he smiles). Belgium produces good players who end up going abroad. He is an intelligent player that I saw in his first matches. He is good and smart. »


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