Jonathan David (Lille), before going to challenge OM: “It’s going pretty well”

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Jonathan David (Lille), before going to challenge OM: “It’s going pretty well”

Author of four goals and two assists, Jonathan David started the season on a very decent basis. The Canadian international was preparing for everything this summer but did not hide the fact that sporting stability was an important driver a few weeks before the World Cup in Qatar. He wants to approach the trip to Marseille, where LOSC will be deprived of Remy Cabella, Edon Zhegrova and Tim Weah, injured, on these same bases.

“How would you describe LOSC’s debut this season and your personal performance?
For us, it’s going pretty well. We made small mistakes in some matches which cost us a few points. We are trying to progress, to move forward from match to match. I evolved to two positions. The coach helped me a little. I worked in the right lane in training. Bayo was in 9. When I came back in 9, that was my position. So nothing new. I will play where the coach asks me. There too, things are going pretty well on a personal level. I try to help the team and I will try to continue to do so.

You are sharper than last season. Do you feel the difference?
It’s hard to say. But when you make changes, you feel them in the long term. Not the very first months. Only after four or five. I always felt good. In terms of food, I pay more attention. And on recovery between matches.

“(about the game system) There are more players around me (than last season). They can free up spaces for me and it gets harder for a defense

You are going to Marseilles this Saturday. Is it a bigger challenge because of the opponent and the environment?
Everyone knows it’s a beautiful stadium and a great atmosphere. But we are preparing this trip like the next one. It’s not because it’s OM that we no longer want to play. We want to play all the matches to win them.

You watched Marseille in the Champions League on Wednesday (2-0 loss to Tottenham) ?
Yes. It’s a very aggressive team that plays well on the ball, which is good in transition. Weak points? Apart from the red card they got, I didn’t see any. Even at 10 against 11, they remained very solid. They still had opportunities in transitions. It’s up to me to identify their weak points in the match.

Lille’s playing system is different from last season. What does it bring you compared to 2021-22?
It is sure that it changes a little from last year. I sometimes felt a little more isolated there. There, there are more players around me. They can free up spaces for me and it becomes more difficult for a defense. The system is a bit the opposite of last season. So we’re working to be stronger defensively and make “clean sheets”. While remaining just as effective offensively.

Have you surrounded your goalkeeper Leo Jardim, who is more in difficulty, more this week?
No. I don’t think he needs it. He is mentally strong. He continues to work and move forward.

Did you think you could go to a higher standing club this summer?
In my head, I knew anything could happen. But I stayed focused on Losc. This is where I am until further notice. And for any player in the world, it’s important to have stability. To know that the club you play for trusts you and gives you the opportunity to play. »


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