Jostled, Tottenham ends up rolling against Leicester in the Premier League

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Jostled, Tottenham ends up rolling against Leicester in the Premier League

The game: 6-2

For Tottenham, the meeting was not always as easy as suggested by the classification of Leicester, red lantern weighed down by five defeats in a row in the Championship at the time of kick-off. The sixth took place on the ground of the Spurs, who took the opportunity to climb to second place, up to Manchester City, victorious (3-0) a little earlier in the day on the lawn of Wolverhampton.

But Hugo Lloris’ teammates suffered in sequences before breaking away at the end of the game thanks to a hat-trick from Son (73rd, 84th, 86th), for once replacing at kick-off. Long before this final fireworks display, there was a very astonishing first period. Leicester quickly opened the scoring from the penalty spot following a very slight foul by Sanchez on Justin. Lloris saved the shot from Tielemans, but the referee ordered a second strike in view of the position of the French goalkeeper, both feet in front of his goal line. The Belgian midfielder did not miss this new chance to open the scoring and cause a very early sensation (0-1, 6th).

Unfortunately for Leicester, its weakness in the defensive phases showed up in a dramatic way, so much so that Spurs reversed the situation in two stages: a first corner played by two allowed Kulusevski to cross at the far post for Kane, author from a resumption of the head (1-1, 8th), a second directly hit by Perisic was taken over Dier (2-1, 22nd), still with the head. A brutal reversal for the Foxes carried by playful intentions, against a London team more and more inclined to step back and abandon the ball, like the initiatives. And it is logical that Leicester equalized shortly before the break thanks to a cross from Castagne for Maddison, author of a magnificent recovery from the right (2-2, 41st).

A logical sanction for these too wait-and-see and calculating Spurs, but on the verge of regaining the advantage with a new free kick. Except that Ward, by deflecting Sanchez’s head on his bar with his fingertips, avoided a club blow before the break. Saved, for their part, by Lloris (45th +2), Antonio Conte’s men began the second period with increased determination. Bentancur’s high pressing on Ndidi allowed the Uruguayan midfielder to recover the ball and deceive Ward from the right (3-2, 47th). Carried by this new intensity, Tottenham gave the impression of finally seizing the match with full grips, an evanescent feeling, in fact. Lloris’ save against a header from Daka (58′) indicated a strong comeback from Leicester, again pressing and dangerous against an opponent who had retreated.

But, on the part of Tottenham, it was backing up to better counter, following a recovery from Bentancur shortly before the halfway line. Son took the opportunity to escape towards the opposing goal and conclude with a superb shot from the right from outside the area (4-2, 73rd). Freed by this achievement, the striker did it again from the left, with a curled shot there too from outside the area (5-2, 84th), before completing a hat-trick after using VAR (6-2, 86th ). By drowning Leicester, the South Korean international, who had not scored so far this season, pulled his head out of the water.

The player: at the sound of the cannon

Did his position as a substitute at kick-off pique him? In any case, the Spurs striker, who entered on the hour mark, took advantage of Leicester’s defensive spaces and largesse to regain confidence at the same time as the net, in particular thanks to two superb strikes from the right then from the left. His three goals, the first in 2022-2023, inflated his team’s success and surely deflated his doubts.


James Maddison has been directly involved in 16 Premier League goals in 2022: 10 goals and 6 assists.


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