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JV: on Football Manager 2023, ever more advanced management

As all the clubs prepare to take a break to make way for the World Cup (November 20-December 18), the most football addicted can satisfy their daily football cravings with Soccer Manager 2023, the latest installment of the management game from Sports Interactive, whose release on November 8 is timely. Whether episode 2022 did not include many new features, this year’s one, which comes out on PC but also PlayStation 5 and Apple Arcade (for the first time), brings a welcome breath of fresh air.

As every year, the database has been updated, which implies updated numbers and ratings. Brexit or rules financial fair play were also taken into account. Above all, FM 2023 benefits from the addition of new major licenses: those of all UEFA competitions, namely the Champions League (official anthem at the key), the Europa League and the Europa League Conference. What make the game richer, where players usually use patches to fill this kind of gaps.

Fans to pamper

In terms of gameplay, the goal is always the same, namely to put yourself in the shoes of a coach, take the reins of a club and hoist it to the highest level in the world. The functionalities of this opus are generally the same as usual, but one criterion has become more important: the confidence of the supporters. From now on, your popularity with the fans will have an impact on how the leaders perceive you. It will therefore be important to put them in your pocket so as not to take the risk of being fired, even in the event of good results.

In matches, the artificial intelligence has also been reviewed: now, the opponents adapt more to the challenges of the matches and the opposing coaches are supposed to respond better to your tactical adaptations. The animations have also been improved: it is still not one of the strong points of the game, but they are now more beautiful, with new gestures for the players, the warm-ups or the celebrations. Significant changes for a game that should be, as usual, very time-consuming.

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