La Rochelle and Bayonne win away in the Top 14

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La Rochelle and Bayonne win away in the Top 14

Clermont-Bayonne: 20-25

Clermont-Bayonne: 20-25

Bayonne had never won a match at Clermont in the Top 14. It’s now done. Rowing achieved a historic feat at Michelin this Saturday. The locals had however ideally started their match, scoring two tries in three minutes in the first quarter of an hour. Samuel Ezeala had opened the scoring (12th), soon imitated by Paul Jedrasiak (15th, 12-0). But the Auvergnats then chained technical errors, leaving Rowing to nibble away.

After a collective effort, Torsten van Jaarsveld first reduced the gap (20th, 12-7). Then the Basques took the lead at the start of the second period, thanks to tries from Jason Robertson (48th) and Thomas Acquier (61st, 15-22). ASM tried everything at the end of the match, with a try from Thomas Rozière (65th) then numerous offensives in the 22 Bayonnais. But Grégory Patat’s men held on, gleaning a third consecutive success which allows them to temporarily climb to 6th place in the standings. At the stop, the ASM is 8th.

Brive – La Rochelle: 17-19

And Brive lost again at home. After having opened the scoring (3rd) and inflated their lead thanks to an interception by their Irish center Arnold (25th, 10-3), the Corréziens, dominated in the game, let themselves go up. Undisciplined, they conceded four penalty goals (18th, 27th, 40th, 53rd) which allowed the Rochelais, visiting Amédée-Domenech, to take the advantage in the second half, 10-12. Upset after their home loss to Pau last weekend, the Maritimes knew how to master this game.

They added a try signed by their pillar replacing Aouf (63rd, 10-19) on a good initiative in the axis and the Brivistes replied with a raise from 80m for the try of Joris Jurand (72nd, 17-19). Brive seemed able to win at the finish, but twice, Thomas Laranjeira made two mistakes: he forgot a “three against one” (77th) which could have been fatal to the Rochelais then a penalty goal (79th, spoiled by precipitation).

Lyon-Castres: 26-20

In this mano a mano, the two teams each had their highlights, intermittently. The Lyonnais got the ball rolling with a try from Charcosset (5th). After being stifled in the first 20 minutes (10-0), the Castres came back to 10-6 at halftime. When they returned from the locker room, they even continued their comeback by equalizing (48th) by Wilfrid Hounkpatin, then passing in front a few moments later (53rd) thanks to Florent Vanverberghe. They had then just scored a 20-0 in half an hour, taking advantage of their double numerical superiority (the Lyonnais were sanctioned twice with a yellow card between the 47th and the 51st).

However, it was the locals who finished the match better (ending with a 13-0 after the last Tarn try), in particular thanks to a try from Ethan Dumortier (68th), concluding a ball over inspired by Pelissié. The Lyonnais are reviving after their defeat at Perpignan last week. The Tarnais, they are in the soft underbelly (currently 9th).

Racing 92 – Perpignan: 44-20

It’s rare to see a team change so much after the break. Racing 92 got off to a bad start but ended up winning enough to record their third win in a row. The Catalans took the game on their own for the first thirty minutes, scoring the first try following a series of pick-and- (13th Tedder), but Racing was able to pick up each time to return to the locker room with a flattering score (13-14) given his performance.

The Racingmen coach, Laurent Travers, seeing his team in difficulty made six changes at the break. Entering at the opener, Finn Russell completely changed the course of the game. As soon as the recovery, he initiated a nice collective movement concretized by a test of Beaudonne (42nd, 18-14). Much more dominating, the Ciel et Blancs then drove home the point with three other tries (61st, Russell then 70th, Wade, and 78th, Lauret), against USAP who completely lost track from the hour of Game.

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