La Rochelle is considering third-line recruitment

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La Rochelle is considering third-line recruitment

The third line of Stade Rochelais has changed a lot in one year. Kevin Gourdon, Vito Vito and Wiaan Liebenberg have retired, Yoan Tanga arrived from Racing 92and the Maritimes will have to deal with the absence of Matthias Haddad-Victor, who had surgery on his left knee last week. “His return will be around the end of November, assessed Ronan O’Gara this Monday during a pre-season press conference. With young players, especially Matthias Haddad-Victor, it’s very important to give extra weeks […] we have to take care of him. »

A reflection is carried out to attract a possible joker in the third line. “It’s still under discussion. recognized O’Gara. The fundamental question is to find someone who can start in this team, so it is difficult. With the other members of the staff, we did a good analysis, we may have news in 15 days. We need everyone to agree, otherwise it can create a problem for a player, for the group. At the moment, the group is very united, we need someone who adds something. It’s important to take time, to do a good research around the man, around the player. »

Botia and UJ Seuteni affected

Stade Rochelais will also be deprived at the start of the season of second-line international Thomas Lavault, operated on an ankle and absent for several months.

Levani Botia and UJ Seuteni also have physical problems. “Leps Botia had quadriceps pain last Friday, we hope it will be one or two weeks (of unavailability) but not three, it’s not too serious, explained O’Gara. UJ Seuteni needs a few weeks, the transition from Bordeaux to here was not easy, he arrived with a lot of injuries, it’s important that he takes care of him. He has a knee problem, pubalgia and a tooth problem (wisdom teeth operation). »

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