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La Rochelle offers the champion Montpellier

The game: 26-22

This meeting at the top between the European champion, La Rochelle, which received the sold-out champion of France, Montpellier, did not keep all its promises. To the direct and stereotypical game of the Charentais, using the test of strength flush and in the axis, the Héraultais responded with a solid defense, sometimes on the verge of fault, as evidenced by the two yellow cards they received. (51st, 77th) and which cost them the match.

After a strong start which saw the Rochelais, dominating on the line of advantage, lead 9-0 in the 21st thanks to the precision at the foot of their new opener Antoine Hastoy, this meeting at the top was then balanced. The Hérault rookie, Louis Carbonel, added three penalty goals, too. At the break, by a slight advantage offered to his vis-à-vis, the Montpellier residents were only led 12-9, a gap which they quickly closed (43rd, 12-12).

Then, tired of seeing the champions of France multiply the faults, Mr. Raynal took out a yellow card against the second-row Hérault Bastien Chalureau (51st). Thus reduced to fourteen, the Montpellier residents conceded a try in the heart of their defense, signed Dillyn Leyds (56th, 19-12), very happy to make up for his blunder at the end of the line a minute earlier … But the penalties continued to be sanctioned, Carbonel reduced the score (59th, 19-15) before Clément Doumenc, on the counter, put his team in the lead (65th, 19-22), a try converted into a corner.

But the La Rochelle pack continued to weigh on this meeting. On a scrum near their in-goal, the Héraultais once again put themselves at fault and received a second yellow card. Again in numerical superiority (77th), the European champions pushed even harder and very quickly inherited a penalty try (78th), enough to win on the wire at the end of a meeting without great flights.


The number of consecutive sold-out matches played at Marcel-Deflandre, including this one.

The fact: two yellow cards at a high price

Five minutes after receiving their first yellow card (Bastien Chalureau in the 51st for repeated faults), the Héraultais paid the usual price for their indiscipline – seven points. Same reason, same punishment and second yellow card, awarded to international pillar Mohamed Haouas (77th). There too, the champions of France paid the fair price, namely a penalty try, seven more points to the advantage of their opponent, who offered victory on two numerical superiorities.

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