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Laporte-Altrad case: endless reimbursement

At the end of September 2017, Mr. Laporte announced that he waives its image contract with the Altrad groupwhich has just been revealed in the press. “That’s why I ended it with retroactive effect “, he says. By consulting the summary report of the investigators of the BRDE (Brigade for the repression of economic delinquency), it is difficult to understand what Laporte means by ” retroactive effect “. The police indicate that BL Communication still had to reimburse in Altrad €116,500 as of December 31, 2020” of the 180,000 collected in March 2017, three weeks after signing the contract.

The police investigation mentions that the first reimbursement (24,500 euros) dates from February 2018, a few days after the first wave of searches in this case but well after the declaration of renunciation in the press. An acknowledgment of debt had been signed in January 2018 but Mr. Laporte having trouble meeting the deadline, it was agreed to a spread. At the very beginning of the trial before the 32nd Correctional Chamber of Paris, last Thursday, asking where we were with this reimbursement, President Rose-Marie Hunault, who did not have the documents, marked a surprise when she learned that the balance had been returned. only three weeks before the hearing.

“The interest was paid yesterday or the day before yesterday (Sunday or Monday). It’s 4,000 euros. »

Me Versini, one of Bernard Laporte’s lawyers

And now Tuesday, during his interrogation, Mr. Altrad added confusion: He (Mr. Laporte) said he paid the interest when he didn’t. I don’t think he knew that himself. » Astonishment of the court. Then intervention of Mr. Versini, one of Mr. Laporte’s lawyers, to share, indeed, a misunderstanding. “The interest was paid yesterday or the day before yesterday (Sunday or Monday). It’s 4,000 euros. »

The balance of this contract, which was never executed, was therefore paid during the trial. Five years after retroactive effect. “Since the refund is not made during all this time, one can wonder to what extent this contract is terminatedthe court later remarked to Mr. Altrad. To what extent the link lasts. “I was not going to summon Mr. Laporte in courtexplained Mohed Altrad. I did not know that this money was important to support him. I saw him with a nice car, well dressed. He is a man of his word, I knew he would reimburse me. »

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