Laporte-Altrad case: the National Rugby League becomes a civil party

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Laporte-Altrad case: the National Rugby League becomes a civil party

The National Rugby League has also chosen to be a civil party in the context of the referral to the Paris Criminal Court of the president of the FFR Bernard Laporte, his vice-president Serge Simon, his shirt partner Mohed Altrad, Claude Atcher, Managing Director of the France 2023 Public Interest Group, who was laid off as a precautionary measure from his duties on Mondayas well as Benoît Rover, a partner of Atcher for twenty years.

The hearings will be held before the 32nd chamber of the Paris Correctional Court from September 7 to 22. This constitution of civil party allows in particular the lawyers of the LNR to have access to the file of the instruction and to claim compensation in the event that it considers to have suffered a prejudice.

The FFR had also chosen to file a civil action

Last June, the steering committee of the FFR had also made this choice while its highest representatives are themselves accused by the National Financial Prosecutor’s Office which has led the investigation for five years.

For the record, Bernard Laporte (president of the FFR) was fired for acts of illegal taking of interests, passive influence peddling by a public official, passive corruption by a public official, concealment of misuse of corporate assets (contract cashed but not performed with AIA, the Altrad group), breach of trust (Score XV services), abuse of corporate assets (towards BL Communication);

Mohed Altrad (owner and president of the MHR, jersey sponsor of the XV of France) for active influence peddling, active corruption, abuse of corporate assets; Serge Simon (vice-president of the FFR) for illegal taking of interests;

Claude Atcher (former leader of Score XV, general manager of GIP 2023 currently laid off as a precaution) for concealment of breach of trust committed by Bernard Laporte to the detriment of the FFR, abuse of corporate assets in the management of the company Score XV for the exclusive benefit of Claude Atcher, work concealed by concealment of activity (lack of tax and social declarations) since 2016.

Regarding the Score XV component, Urssaf has filed a complaint and will therefore also be a civil party to the trial.

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