Laurent Blanc (OL): “Hard to put a team back on track”

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Laurent Blanc (OL): “Hard to put a team back on track”

“After the disappointment of the defeat in Marseille, how do you view the reception of Nice (Friday, 9 p.m.)?
I hope we will approach this match in the best possible way. We had good feelings before Marseille and when I see what we produced in the first half, I said to myself… (He pauses.) There is no truth in football, because we have tend to say “we play as we train”, and yet we had trained well. There, we still prepared very well for this match against Nice. We have rectified certain points, both defensive and offensive. I hope it will give better results.

How to explain this performance against OM?
In Marseille, there were a lot of things to say, they have been said. The lack of movement, the lack of technical quality, and we can still add things and things… There was better to do in the use of the ball and the players are aware of it. You have to rectify, you have to work, you have to regain confidence. We thought we had installed our game, but things don’t work like that. I tell the players the truth: they are working well, but the first half in Marseille is bad. I have great confidence in them, but we are not going to change our method or our vision. We’re just going to work harder. My speech is clear, crisp and precise. We’ll check to see if he’s coming through on Friday.

“We have to take points, whatever the way. »

Did you think your grip would be this tough?
But it’s hard to get a team back on track, we see it a lot in the coaching changes, especially since there are a lot of them at the moment. We do not arrive with a magic wand, it does not exist in football. So we learn, we propose, and we will still work. We have to take points, whatever the way. But if the way is good, it would make us happy. We won’t be given anything. We have to want to go for the victory, whatever the adversary, by being aggressive, in the good sense of the term. Constancy is difficult to obtain, because inconstancy takes a very long time to erase.

The match against Nice should be sold out for the 35th anniversary of Bad Gones…
This full stadium is a good sign. We really need everyone. I really liked the atmosphere against Lille (1-0), yet we had been roughed up, and it had reacted well, then it ended well. I hope Friday will go well too. Karim Benzema ? If he comes on Friday to present his Ballon d’Or, it will be a very good idea. I love it, I liked it very early. We chat from time to time. He is one of the very good players who started at Lyon, but he set the bar very high. »

“We want to be solid at home in front of our supporters”

Malo Gusto (right side of OL): “The defeat in Marseille did not put us in doubt. We are inevitably disappointed with the result, we know that we have disappointed everyone but we also know that we have to work a lot to do better for the future. Against Nice, it’s still a big match, we have to approach it well and finish this first part of the championship in the best possible way. We have a game identity, we want to be solid at home in front of our supporters. We may change the way we play a bit, but we are working hard to be more solid defensively and more dangerous offensively. Personally, I know that I have to improve a lot in the defensive field. But I continue to work and I progress, especially in the placement and management of 1 against 1, 1 against 2. Laurent Blanc teaches us to be well coordinated, he explains to us how to manage the opposing attacks well. »


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