Laurent Blanc: “We have to score that first goal…”

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Laurent Blanc: “We have to score that first goal…”

How do you feel after this new disappointment?
We were talking about it with Eric (Roy) who told me that he had seen the three matches against Clermont, Strasbourg and therefore there, and that taking a single point is not rewarded for us. It is reality. But I tell players not to feel sorry for themselves, so I’m not going to, that’s how it is.

“We lack the aggressiveness to score goals”

Do you have an explanation ?
It is our inefficiency. If there were no chances, I would call it sterile dominance, but that’s not the case. There, we lack this aggressiveness to score goals, we lack spontaneity. I see situations from the bench and I feel that they are not going to do the right thing. And if you score, the course of the match is no longer the same. We have to score that first goal, no matter how, but we have to score. A penalty ? I take it all.

The atmosphere was not too easy with the whistles for Moussa Dembélé, the songs for Juninho…
It’s the least we can say but we must ignore that. I tell them: “don’t be afraid when you enter your land! No one can play for you. The context is difficult, we can understand it, accept it, but once on the ground, no one will come to take your place. “So you have to win, they did almost everything well except score a goal. In a good period, you have the confidence but there, you have to show character, personality. I know I’m going to do a check, I put on my foot, I hit and I score. It’s like that, whether in the game or on a corner even if in this area, we lack size.

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