Laurent Travers: “I am very happy with the state of mind, the commitment”

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Laurent Travers: “I am very happy with the state of mind, the commitment”

Laurent Travers (Racing manager): “It’s the kind of game that is better to win than to lose. It is important that we can appreciate this type of victory even if in the content, there are of course elements where we were lacking, for example our camp outings. But on the other hand, I’m very happy with the state of mind, the commitment. We sometimes lacked patience in the 22 meters. It would have been necessary to make one or two additional playing times.

(Regarding the initiative taken by young Enzo Benmégal who leads the winning try four minutes from the end) There was a strategy put in place around the kicking game, especially in the corridors. I heard that it was rumbling in the stands these exchanges of foot games. When they kicked us down the aisle, we talked about the importance of trying to cross that line. Despite his young age, his inexperience, Enzo crunched on this action, as he did throughout the match. And in support of Enzo there is another young (Maxime Beaudonne), who made the young French teams, and who produced a good acceleration and managed a superb pass. Here, they showed us that they were daring, that they could perform gestures that not all players would have dared.

We had 21 JIFFs on the scoresheet. This means that our training center is of very good quality. We tend to say that Racing is a plethora of big names. Yes, but it’s also our young people. Cameron Woki’s premiere? I expected less. When you arrive at a club and there is a lot of pressure given what has been written and said, and not just by journalists, it is not easy. In addition to new announcements, new teammates…”

Ibrahim Diallo (third row of Racing): “On a first day, there is not so much home and away. We knew in advance that it would be a complicated match. We came across a very good team from Castres, on a rather heavy pack. At the end, we missed two penalties which could have put us back in front but we were still in the game. And then there was Enzo’s dazzling (Benmegal). Of course, I’m delighted to have Cameron back. (Woki). We have a special relationship, we bickered among young people, he at Massy, ​​me at Racing. Moving (friendlies for now), we are in the room together. I think we complement each other because we don’t like the same things: he prefers high balls and I defend. He is a friend and for sure he will bring us more this season. »

“We were able to impose good sequences, we were in continuity with last season”

Pierre-Henry Broncan, coach of Castres

Pierre-Henry Broncan (Castres coach): “I’m a little nervous to leave here with zero points. We decided to go into touch when we could have taken the three points. But I am rather satisfied with the commitment of the players who were present, dense in the collisions. We responded present, we were able to impose beautiful sequences, we were in continuity with last season. Afterwards, it’s the first match, we sometimes lacked lucidity over the course of the meeting. We will analyze. We were in the game. Last season, we took 40. We are getting closer. But it will be necessary to improve certain attitudes. We were penalized on individual errors. At the end of the match, we discussed with the referee because he forgot a 50:22 on a kick from Dumora, that changes a lot of things…”

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