Laurent Travers: “I could have changed 22 players” in Bayonne

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Laurent Travers: “I could have changed 22 players” in Bayonne

How was the week after the defeat in Bayonne (31-25) ?
It’s a normal week, but it’s easier to work in victory than in defeat. There is bitterness, I hope that is the case for everyone.

It was the first game since Virimi Vakatawa’s retirement announcement. Did that weigh on the defeat?
No. It would be too easy to say that. I would have preferred it to help win the match. Telling you that would be the cause, it would be too easy and escape. It’s quite the opposite. I am angry and disappointed, because I wish we could offer him thanks. I wanted the players to realize how happy they are to be on the pitch. This joy and this happiness, they did not demonstrate it. There is disappointment, because we have not been able to transcend our players so that they are efficient.

Is the missed second period due to the performance of the bench?
Yes, but it’s too easy to say that. On Saturday’s match, if I had to change players, I would have changed 22! Except maybe one player, otherwise I could have changed all the others. But, due to the context (injuries), it is very difficult to say that I will change 22 players.

“There are 26 meetings, we missed this one. »

You have a workforce particularly affected by injuries…
Of course there are absences, even if it’s always easy to point it out and we are fully aware that we were missing 14 players in this match. But when you are given the opportunity to express yourself, I think you have to take it. Players, staff… we failed in our preparation and in our match. There are 26 meetings, we missed this one. Bayonne did what it needed to win their match. We did what was necessary not to win it. It’s not frustration, it’s disappointment.

How is the integration of Christian Wade going?
He puts a lot of energy. When you arrive, everything is beautiful, everything is great, the atmosphere is positive. But he had a little glitch, and he was forced to stop training. Nothing is easy! He was keen to get back to basics, and I think his passion caused his injury, which is not serious. He already has a very American view of preparation, he is always happy. He tends to look more at the positive than the negative.

What do you think of Lyon?
Lyon will try to make up for their defeat at home against La Rochelle (21-23), but we must not forget that she had won in Brive (27-31). We expect a team that is very difficult to maneuver, with its package of forwards and its individualities. She can also be very pragmatic and realistic. They went for a bonus point against La Rochelle, which we failed to do in Bayonne. In terms of intensity, collective and individual behavior, we must be well above what we showed for 50 minutes last Sunday.

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