League of Legends – Armut: “Usually, I don’t really give it my all”

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League of Legends – Armut: “Usually, I don’t really give it my all”

“Your last game against SK Gaming was messy, but you’ve won four in a row in the LEC (the European Championship of League of Legends). Are you happy with your current level?
Against SK, the match was complicated but I played well in teamfights, more than one against one! It was an intense match, the two teams were neck and neck. It all came down to team gatherings and we got the upper hand. We are quite satisfied with our level, apart from this match, because we gave them a lead at the start, so it was tough. Obviously, we can play a lot better, but I’m happy that we are at eight wins for three losses.

This summer segment has been very consistent so far, although you’re starting to pull away from the fray with Rogue, the other co-leader. Are there any teams that scare you more than others right now?
I would say that Snape and Excel look strong right now. But I wouldn’t go so far as to say that they scare me, I would just be more careful against these teams. I expect G2 to be much better in the play-offs, even if they are not very good at the moment, we know what they are capable of.

Individually, you seem to be playing much better than at the start of the season. What has changed in the meantime?
I have a lot more motivation, more desire to play. Because Yasin “Nisqy” Dinçer arrived in the team and he is a close friend, because we did not make the play-offs in the spring (MAD Lions had finished in 7th place). I want to keep fighting for titles, I don’t want to go home early anymore…

Have you changed things to make sure you don’t experience the same disappointment as in the spring split?
Clearly. I’m training really hard right now. Usually I don’t really give it my all during the regular season, but now I do, for the first time. I really don’t want to miss the play-offs, so I’ve been going all out since week one. I only think of League of Legends, currently it’s all my life. And I don’t feel like I’m going to tire, it’s going well.

What is the arrival of Nisqy changed to MAD Lionsconcretely ?
I think the atmosphere within the team has changed, inside and outside the game. We are happy with each other, we get on well, we have a good time and that motivates us to work and play. It changes everything.

What did you think of him before he became your teammate?
He was a close friend and I wanted to play with him. And I encouraged him to join MAD Lions, I think I’m part of the reason he came along. I was happy on all levels, both sportingly and humanly. I knew how he played and, above all, I know that he communicates well, that’s what we lacked in midlane. It was the perfect fit for us and seems to be working well, so far.

We learned this week that Europe would have four qualifying places at the Worlds. How did you take the news?
It’s a good thing, of course. We talked about it between us, but it’s not as if it made us change anything, because we’re aiming even higher. It seems realistic to me to aim for first place in the regular season. Obviously, we can still lose against a lot of other teams, but I’m confident in our game.”

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