Ligue 2: Grenoble and Bordeaux neutralize each other

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Ligue 2: Grenoble and Bordeaux neutralize each other

For this last match of this fourth day of Ligue 2, Grenoble and Bordeaux were neutralized Monday during a goalless meeting (0-0). Bordeaux dominated the ball until the expulsion of Junior Mwanga (35th). In numerical superiority for a large part of the meeting, Grenoble did not know how to concretize its opportunities and finished at ten (76th).

Possession was in favor of the Girondins at the start of the match, but it was the Grenoble players who got themselves into several dangerous situations, with no real scoring opportunity. Both teams were solid defensively. Bordeaux tried it from afar with Dilane Bakwa (18th, 45th) and Danylo Ignantenko (39th).

An eviction that changes everything

The match changed with a red card against Bordeaux Junior Mwanga, who stopped Saikou Touray with an uncontrolled intervention with a high foot, while the Grenoble player went on the counterattack (35th). The Bordelais played an hour of play at ten against eleven.

The red card changed the game. With a lower Bordeaux block, Vincent Hognon’s players proved to be more and more dangerous. On a counter-attack, Saikou Touray is found at the penalty spot on a center back, but his shot was blocked by the sliding tackle of Stian Gregersen (43rd).

The game escalated in the second half. The Grenoble supporters pushed for their team, which sat in the Bordeaux goal in these first minutes. But the Isérois failed to take advantage of their numerical superiority. It was the players of David Guion and the Ukrainian Danylo Ignantenko who was close to opening the scoring but his shot grazed the right post of Brice Maubleu (59th).

Just entering the game, Mohamed Amine Sbaï dynamited the attack of Grenoble. After a feint kick which eliminated his opponent, he accelerated into the area before hitting the opposite post, but the ball did not turn enough (65th).

Grenoble was scuttled at the end of the meeting with a dangerous tackle from Pape Meïssa Ba, already warned. Red card (76th). Having no more numerical superiority, the match was rebalanced. Both Bordeaux and Grenoble had the chances to score the winning goal, but neither of these two teams was able to make it happen. Final score 0-0.

The Girondins, who have still not conceded a goal in Ligue 2, will host Guingamp next week, while Grenoble will play a derby on the lawn of Annecy.


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