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Indian Paralympic Winners List

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Indian Paralympic winners earned a total of 19 medals at the recently concluded Tokyo Paralympics which is the nation’s highest-ever total in the event’s biggest competition. 5 gold, eight silver, and 6 bronze medals all in all. This is how Indian Paralympics winners fared at their participation in the Tokyo Paralympics.

In the 3rd day of Paralympics India’s first medal was awarded to paddler Bhavinaben Patel, who took home silver in the singles women’s table tennis class 4 category. Avani Lekhara won India’s first gold medal at the event in the women’s 10m air rifle standing SH1 competition. The next day she added another award to her collection by winning bronze at the 50m women’s rifle in 3 positions shot SH1.

In addition, Sumit Antil, broke several world records. Manish Narwal and Pramod Bhagat, all of them took the first spot. Krishna Nagar won another badminton gold medal on the final day, and India finished 24th on the medal count, with 19 medals in the Tokyo Paralympics 2020.


India At Paralympics | Indian Paralympic Winners

Year Gold Silver Bronze Total
2021 5 8 6 19
2016 2 1 1 4
2012 0 1 0 1
2004 1 0 1 2
1984 0 2 2 4
1972 1 0 0 1
Total 9 12 10 31

Indian Paralympic Winners List

Name Sport Event Medal Category
SUMIT ANTIL Athletics Men’s Javelin Throw – F64 GOLD Sport Class: F64
PRAMOD BHAGAT Badminton Men’s Singles SL3 GOLD Sport Class: SL3
KRISHNA NAGAR Badminton Men’s Singles SH6 GOLD Sports Class: SH6
MANISH NARWAL Shooting P4 – Mixed 50m Pistol SH1 GOLD  Sport Class: SH1
AVANI LEKHARA Shooting R2 – Women’s 10m Air Rifle Standing SH1 GOLD Sport Class: SH1
YOGESH KATHUNIYA Athletics Men’s Discus Throw – F56 SILVER Sport Class: F56
NISHAD KUMAR Athletics Men’s High Jump – T47 SILVER Sport Class: T47
MARIYAPPAN THANGAVELU Athletics Men’s High Jump – T63 SILVER Sport Class: T42
PRAVEEN KUMAR Athletics Men’s High Jump – T64 SILVER Sport Class: T44
DEVENDRA JHAJHARIA Athletics Men’s Javelin Throw – F46 SILVER Sport Class: F46
SUHAS YATHIRAJ Badminton Men’s Singles SL4 SILVER Sport Class: SL4
SINGHRAJ ADHANA Shooting P4 – Mixed 50m Pistol SH1 SILVER Sport Class: SH1
BHAVINA PATEL Table Tennis Women’s Singles – Class 4 SILVER Sport Class: 4
HARVINDER SINGH Archery Men’s Individual Recurve – Open BRONZE Sport Class: ST
SHARAD KUMAR Athletics Men’s High Jump – T63 BRONZE Sport Class: T42
SUNDAR SINGH GURJAR Athletics Men’s Javelin Throw – F46 BRONZE  Sport Class: F46
MANOJ SARKAR Badminton Men’s Singles SL3 BRONZE Sport Class: SL3
SINGHRAJ ADHANA Shooting P1 – Men’s 10m Air Pistol SH1 BRONZE Sport Class: SH1
AVANI LEKHARA Shooting R8 – Women’s 50m Rifle 3 Positions SH1 BRONZE Sport Class: SH1

Meet The Indian Paralympic Winners

Nishad Kumar – Silver medal – men’s high jump T47

Image Source: Outlook

Indian Paralympics winner Nishad Kumar achieved a personal record and also an Asian record while en route to winning a silver medal. Roderick Townsend-Roberts from America United States won gold with an unbeatable leap of 2.15m in the air, and his most impressive attempt of 2.06m earned him silver.

Bhavinaben Patel – Silver medal – women’s singles table tennis Class 4 category

Image Source: IndiaTv News

In the 3rd day of Paralympics in Gujarat, Bhavinben Patel was awarded India’s first TT Paralympics medal, sending an euphoriac stream across the nation. The Chinese defeated her Zhou Ying in the gold medal match 7-11, 5-11, 6-11.

Avani Lekhara – Gold Medal – women’s 10m air rifle shooting standing SH1 & Bronze Medal – women’s 50m rifle 3 positions shooting SH1

Image Source: Indian Express

This past Monday Avani Lekhara earned India’s first Paralympic shooting medal in the women’s 10m standing air rifle category in SH1. Lekhara won the gold medal at the end of the competition with a score of 249.6 which tied the record for the world championship. Lekhara also set a record by becoming one of the few Indian woman to earn the Paralympic gold medal.

Avani completed her gold medal with bronze at the 3 point 50m rifle race Avani became an the only Indian woman to earn two Paralympic medals, and the only Indian overall to earn multiple medals at the same Games. Lekhara took home her gold with a an average that was 445.9 at the end of the competition.

Devendra Jhajharia – Silver Medal & Sundar Singh Gurjar – Bronze Medal – men’s javelin throw F46

Image Source: Indian Express

Devendra Jhajharia of India won the silver medal in the javelin for men’s throw F46 final event, with the throw of 64.35 meters, and Sundar Singh Gurjar of India took home the bronze medal with the throw of 64.01. Devendra added an additional silver medal on top of his gold and silver medals at the Paralympics.

Indian Paralympic winners – Yogesh Kathuniya – Silver Medal – men’s discus throw F56

Image Source: NDTV Sports

On Monday the India’s Yogesh Kathuniya was awarded silver in the Discus throw for men (F56) event, with the highest throw of 44.38 meters during the championship. Kathuniya was only defeated by Batista dos Santos Cludiney from Brazil who took home the gold medal by throwing 45.59 meters.

Sumit Antil – Gold Medal – men’s javelin throw F64

Image Source: Indian Express

Sumit Antil broke numerous world records to win his gold in the javelin for men’s throw (F64) event, and he threw the highest throwing distance at 68.85m at the end of the competition. Antil is among the most successful Indian Paralympic winners of all time.

Singhraj Adhana – Bronze Medal – men’s 10m air pistol shooting SH1 & Silver Medal – men’s P4 Mixed 50m Pistol SH1

Image Source: Olympics

Singhraj Adhana, a 39-year-old Polio survivor competing for the first time in Olympics and shot a score of 216.8 to place third after qualifying for the final of eight as the sixth-best shooter.

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He added a third gold medal just a couple of days after. The Asaka shooting range, Singhraj Adhana won the silver and gold medals in the P4 Mixed 50m Pistol final. By scoring 216.7 points Singhraj took home his second gold medal at his time at the Tokyo Paralympics.

Mariyappan Thangavelu – Silver Medal & Sharad Kumar – Bronze Medal – men’s high jump T42

Image Source: Indian Express

In the In the High-Jump (T63) event India’s top athletes Mariyappan Thangavelu and Sharad Kumar won bronze and silver, respectively, at the end of the competition. Mariyappan was awarded silver after he cleared the 1.86m hurdle. It was his third Olympic medal, after he won the gold medal in Rio in 2016. Sharad Kumar, in contrast was awarded the bronze medal after setting a season-high of 1.83m. jump (T63) event, India’s talents Mariyappan Thangavelu and Sharad Kumar took silver and bronze, respectively, in the final. Mariyappan won silver after clearing the 1.86m barrier. This is his second Olympic medal, after winning gold in Rio in 2016. Sharad Kumar, meanwhile, won bronze after setting a new season-high of 1.83m.

Praveen Kumar – Silver Medal – men’s high jump T64

With a jump that was 2.07m in the final of the event, Praveen Kumar took silver in the men’s high-jump T64 division. The 18-year-old set an all-new Asian record on his way to beat India’s record for medals.

Harvinder Singh – Bronze Medal – men’s individual recurve – open archery

Image Source: Mint

Harvinder Singh took home the country’s first and only Paralympic archery gold medal winning over Kim Min Su of Korea in a thrilling shoot-off to win bronze at the solo men’s recurve event competition at the currently held Games. The 31-year-old led five-3 during the bronze match until Kim Min Su of Korean won the fifth set by scoring the perfect 10 , forcing a shoot-off which the Indian took 6-5 (26-24 27-29, 28-25, 26-25 25, 26, 27-27) (10-8) using an unbeatable 10 to Kim’s 8.

Indian Paralympics Winners: Manish Narwal – Gold Medal – men’s P4 Mixed 50m Pistol SH1

Image Source:

In the Asaka Shooting Range Indian shooter Manish Narwal was awarded medals in the P4 Mixed 50m Pistol SH1 Final. Manish aged 19 , broke the Paralympic record when he scored 218.2 points to earn his gold medal. Sergey Malyshev of the Russian Paralympic Committee (RPC) won the bronze medal.

Indian Paralympics Winners: Pramod Bhagat – Gold Medal -badminton men’s singles SL3

Image Source: The Hindu

Pramod Bhagat is one of the Indian shuttler, played his part in India’s medal haul by winning gold in the singles for men (SL3) tournament. He took the title by beating Daniel Bethell of the United Kingdom 21-14 21, 17. This was India’s very first Paralympic medal in badminton.

Indian Paralympics Winners: Krishna Nagar – Gold Medal – badminton men’s singles SH6

Image Source: Indian Express

Para-shuttlers from India Krishna Nagar won the gold medal in the singles men’s badminton SH6 class after beating Chu Man Kai of Hong Kong in the final. Nagar beat Man Kai 21-17, 16-21 and 21-17, giving India the record number of gold medals in the Paralympic Games.

Indian Paralympics Winners: Suhas L. Yathiraj – Silver Medal – badminton men’s singles SL4

Image Source: Aaj Tak

Suhas L Yathiraj, an Indian para-shuttler, took gold during the Tokyo Paralympic Games. Yathiraj fell in the semifinal of the singles men’s badminton SL4 competition against Lucas Mazur of France. At the end of the match, Yathiraj was defeated by Mazur 21-15 17-21 and 15-21. The 38-year-old is the Gautam Buddh Nagar District Magistrate (Noida). Suhas has also been the first Indian Administrative Service officer to be awarded a medal in the Paralympics.

Indian Paralympics Winners: Manoj Sarkar – Bronze Medal -badminton men’s singles SL3

Image Source: HT

Manoj Sarkar of India won the bronze medal at the singles for men (SL3) badminton competition. The final was where he beat Daisuke Fujihara from Japan with a score of 22-20 and 21-13 making India’s total medal count 17 at the close of the final day.

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