Loon-Plage plays the youth card in the Coupe de France

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Loon-Plage plays the youth card in the Coupe de France

On the hybrid ground of the Rosseel stadium, Laurent Cosyn’s instructions fly four days away from challenging Reims in the 32nd round of the Coupe de France, which Loon-Plage will play for only the second time. Among the players, there are a few who know their coach by heart just as much as he perfectly masters the mechanisms of their psychology. Although he has only been in charge of the first team since last summer, he has spent twenty-five years at the club. “I trained some of them when they were very young, explains the technician of the northern club. I know how to motivate them, sting them, how to react to certain people. It’s a plus. »

Especially since, of the seven elements trained at the club and present in the workforce, he regularly inserts four to five in the starting lineup, which gives the team a more sustained local color than elsewhere. “The neighboring clubs, Gravelines and Grande-Synthe, only have two or three, he continues. We are a little above average. Afterwards, the level means that you can’t only have local players. In addition, we have very few teams in the league. However, it is necessary that the players have evolved there for a certain time to first cross the level between the young people and the seniors, then to put themselves at the level of R1. » So, sometimes, to progress, some will end up growing elsewhere, taking the measure of a more demanding level.

“I want my clubs to have ambition, I have some too. But there has to be this family aspect, in addition to the voluntary aspect”

Eric Rommel, Mayor of Loon-Plage

“We then try to bring them back, explains Laurent Cosyn. Allan DeMeyer (middle, 23 years old) left at the age of 15 to Saint-Omer to play at the highest level of the league when we were in the second level. He thus gained some experience before going to Dunkirk to play several N3 matches. Then we got it back. We are still trying to repatriate some who are in Saint-Omer, Dunkirk and even Lens. It’s a real policy. » That of the mayor, Éric Rommel, aims to stimulate this local orientation through high investments in sports infrastructure.

Anthony Milliot and Lucas Delage, players from Loon-Plage. (Baptiste Paquot/The Team)

“This is the condition: that young people can have a showcase, explains the chosen one. I want my clubs to have ambition, I have that too. But there must be this family aspect, in addition to the voluntary aspect. » The deal is very clear in people’s minds. “We are well aware of this request and we try to do everything to, comments the coach of Loon-Plage, who has the two brothers in his group Rennais Martin TerrierMaxence (33) and Florian (27). Afterwards, young people are not always ready. »

Anthony Milliot (26), integrated into team one at 16 and a half, observes this sporting philosophy with great hindsight, even if he is an attacker. “It’s a very family club that emphasizes training, analyzes the one who is also the son of the president. Many amateur clubs train young people but do not necessarily trust them. Here, we give them their chance. » They’re good enough to catch it, it seems.


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