Lorient, Reims and AC Ajaccio secure the Coupe de France

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Lorient, Reims and AC Ajaccio secure the Coupe de France

La Châtaigneraie (DH) – Lorient: 0-6

The rain, the gusts and the state of the ground at the Henri-Desgrange stadium in La Roche-sur-Yon, an idyllic habitat for moles, did not deter the Lorient residents from their objective. The Bretons may have had to wait forty minutes to start their afternoon against La Châtaigneraie (R1) but it was only a matter of time, as they dominated opponents unable to fill the five divisions gap that separates them.

Despite an admirable Florent Petit in front of his goal, the Hakes unrolled once the opener gained on a penalty from Koné (43rd). Cathline, on two sumptuous strikes (45th + 2, 61st), Aouchiche (51st), Diarra (54th) and Grbic (77th) hung their names on the scoreboard. Almost all of them were looking for game time to show off. The central defenders Meïté, who will have a card to play on Wednesday against Monaco, and Matsima, can also be included in this observation.

Loon-Plage (R1) – Reims: 0-7

The Stade de Reims left fans of Loon-Plage (7-0) no chance this Sunday on a hybrid lawn worthy of the 32nd finals. All in control, with patience, power and method, the Champagne team validated their possession in the first period with a direct free kick from Zeneli (0-1, 45th + 3), Mr. Léonard having whistled late for a foul from Lanouar on Holm, forced out at the break.

The second goal of Sierhuis (54th), his replacement entered in the second period, extinguished all suspense. The merit of the professionals, who suffered only one shot on target from Boudaud blocked by Diouf (49th), was never to release their grip and to move the ball quickly. Will Still’s changes also preserved the executives, offering freshness to his team, a fatal second wind to the locals. Guitane, by his technical mastery, and especially Adeline, double scorer and passer, did very badly at the end of the game, inflicting a severe correction on the Maritimes, although deserved because of the difference in level. All competitions combined, Reims chained a tenth game without defeat. And keep playing well.

South Jura (N2) – AC Ajaccio: 1-2

“We had to qualify and we are doing well, playing a decent match”sums up François-Joseph Sollacaro, the ACA goalkeeper, beaten at the very end of the match by Wague (90th + 1), after having made the three necessary stops (16th, 77th, 88th). “We had as many situations as them, but with a Ligue 1, it pays cash”sums up Valentin Guichard, the coach of a Jura Sud Foot (JSF) team that has remained faithful to his philosophy, a player from start to finish.

Too much, perhaps, for a Cup match. Because his mistakes made Ruan Levine (23) happy. After getting the penalty, the Brazilian left winger transformed it (45th + 2). Then, he signed his big debut in the jersey of AC Ajaccio by signing a double with a recovery from the left (63rd). The only real suspense of this 32nd final came too late (90th + 1) to push the islanders to tremble.

In the National 2 team duels, Belfort won against Saint-Quentin (3-1) while Chamalières beat Bourges on penalties (0-0, 6-5 pens).


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