Luis Enrique (Spain coach) after the loss to Japan: “I’m not happy at all”

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Luis Enrique (Spain coach) after the loss to Japan: “I’m not happy at all”

Luis Enrique (Spain coach after loss to Japan, 1-2): “In football, there are no good or bad sides. There is only merit. I am not happy at all. We qualified, but I wanted to do it by being first and winning. But in five minutes (three) they scored two goals for us, in ten minutes they completely disarticulated us. At the break, we discussed the fact that they were going to attack, and we couldn’t manage it. We’ve entered collapse mode. They framed three strikes and scored two goals for us. If they could have given us two more, they would have. I have nothing to celebrate tonight. That’s the inexplicable thing about football. We should have tried to calm the game, to stop the rhythm of the match, to push them towards something else… but how to explain that you dominated for 80 minutes and that you lost 2-1? For three minutes, we were eliminated, but I didn’t know it, I would have had a heart attack. (On the second equivocal goal) I saw a photo that must be faked or manipulated, because it’s impossible for this photo to be real. I felt something fishy was going on when VAR took so long to decide… I have nothing to say. Luckily the team only goes into collapse mode once every four years, otherwise I wouldn’t be able to hold on…”

Sergio Busquets (captain of Spain, on the microphone of the Spanish channel TVE): “We had the game under control, or so we thought, but they were waiting for the slightest of our ball losses to counter-attack. The second half, that was it. A bad outing, a nice goal, and then they saw their morale boosted. They created danger on the counter, they closed spaces well and they folded very well. We didn’t want that to happen, our intention was to win. We wanted to get out of this group by being first. We didn’t want to choose our opponent. Now, we are going to approach the table from the other side, as 2nd in the group, but that does not say if it will be more or less difficult. We must continue. We still have an 8th final against Morocco which will also be a very difficult match. »

Alvaro Morata (Spain striker, on Spanish TV): “It was incredible. The important thing is that we are qualified. In almost every World Cup, every team has had a tough time. The important thing is to overcome them and continue to trust each other. From tomorrow we will put the round of 16 in our heads. It can’t happen again because otherwise you go home… They gave us 2 goals in five minutes. It is no longer necessary to think about it, the important thing is that we are in the round of 16. From tomorrow we will prepare for the match and give it our all. »


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