Marc Marquez tested one of the future biofuels for MotoGP

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Marc Marquez tested one of the future biofuels for MotoGP

MotoGP will live in 2023 a sports revolution with the introduction of sprint races, a 21st Grand Prix on the calendar and the visit of the Championship to new countries (India, Kazakhstan). The multiplication of journeys on a global scale is not a very good sign for the planet, but Dorna (promoter of MotoGP) hopes to start reducing – a little – its carbon footprint from 2024, when 40% of the fuels used must be of non-fossil origin.

This is the first step on a long road which should lead, by 2027 at the latest, to the use of 100% sustainable fuel. Where are we concretely? Marc Marquez provided an answer this month during a test at the Jarama circuit, north of Madrid.

The motorcycle of the six-time MotoGP world champion was powered by fuel composed entirely of recycled organic materials, developed by Repsol, a partner of the Honda team. Marquez completed twelve laps, about half the distance covered in a Grand Prix. His conclusion: “I felt good and didn’t notice any difference using the biofuel, which is ultimately the goal: to maintain a high level of performance. »

The WRC has already been there, F1 is aiming for 2026

This test adds to the experience of the French Formula 4 Championship. This year, the seven events on the motor racing program took place using this biofuel. A formula that reduces greenhouse gas emissions by 70% compared to fossil fuels.

The single-seaters of the French Formula 4 already run on biofuels.

MotoGP therefore wants to be part of the movement observed in most motor sports. Since this year, the WRC has been using biofuels and Formula 1 has planned to switch to them entirely in 2026. Each on its side, the fuel suppliers involved in MotoGP (such as Repsol, BP, TotalEnergies/ELF or Petronas) are in the process of to test their products, which will also supply the Moto2 and Moto3 categories.

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