Marles: “For Pogba, it almost takes a miracle”

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Marles: “For Pogba, it almost takes a miracle”

“What are the steps to follow after an intervention on the external meniscus such as that suffered by Paul Pogba ?
Immediately after the operation, the urgency is to limit the swelling. And effusions at the knee. They will ice as much as possible, compress the knee and introduce a syringe to pump out fluids. This phase lasts a fortnight to three weeks. You cannot work with a swollen knee, this is what determines the postoperative phase. The patient remains lying down, at rest, cannot walk, much like a cruciate ligament. Except that it is much shorter, because there is no rehabilitation of the tendinoplasty.

What are the next steps?
We begin a work of progressive flexion, with a physiotherapist, to regain amplitude. Then comes muscle re-education and support exercises, proprioception work. All this is spread out and is still quite long. By having surgery tonight (yesterday), he put all the chances on his side, but the deadlines are very short.

How high are they estimated, under ideal conditions?
It takes six to eight weeks to return to the field. But then you need a period of at least three weeks before playing a match. In twelve weeks, if all goes well, he’s there. To come back in ten weeks, on the other hand, it takes almost a miracle, that everything goes perfectly.

Juventus Turin do not seem to want to rush the player’s return. Are there any risks in coming back too soon?
It’s a bit risky. This can cause further trauma to the knee, for example to the cruciate ligaments or the other meniscus. The intervention creates a weakness, so the strengthening of the quadriceps must be important. Pogba is a muscular player, which has an advantage. One could believe that in ten to twelve weeks it would not be far. »


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