Matthieu Jalibert (UBB): “Put the club back on the right track”

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Matthieu Jalibert (UBB): “Put the club back on the right track”

“The president has decided to resign as manager Christophe Urios as the players seemed to want? Are you satisfied ?
Satisfied yes and no… It’s the president’s decision. He wanted to start again on a new dynamic. We will adapt to find the best solution. I focus on the team.

How did you reunite with the band after returning from the November tour with the French team ?
I found the team in a good atmosphere. The group is united with the desire to move forward. On the organization, the departure of Christophe does not change much. It was already the coaches who did the training. We have a quality staff, who work calmly.

You are returning to Perpignan where, at the end of last season, the defeat on the final day (22-15) seemed to mark the beginning of the break between Urios and the group…
There was no break. You made crates of them. The group was not fractured, quite the contrary. We know what awaits us in Perpignan. But we are in trouble. We focus on us. There is no revenge. Above all, we want to find the collective, reactivate a dynamic, reassure ourselves, be strong on our bases.

How is Frédéric Charrier who has always been linked to Christophe Urios, overflow to Oyonnax then to Castres and finally to Bordeaux?
(He blows) The question should not be asked of me. Fred also has personal goals. It adapts. We all said to ourselves that we had 7 months to end the season well. We have this mission in mind in order to achieve the objectives we set at the start of the season.

“I never tied my future to my manager. Whether he stays or leaves, it won’t change my future.”

Is it up to the players to take more responsibility?
The president made this choice to find a dynamic. Yes, players have to take responsibility. I believe in this group. Sometimes parting ways with the coach works. Sometimes not.

Operating level, what does it change?
We are not organized differently. With Christophe, there was a positive pressure on the group to perform because we perhaps tended to relax. It’s up to Julien (Laïrle) and Fred (Charrier) to manage that. But it is above all up to the leading players to take their responsibilities in order to achieve the objectives that we had set ourselves. This is not a year of transition. We’re all on the same wavelength. We want to continue to believe in our goals. We have to get the club back on track. The situation is not easy, but we are united. We have quality in the staff, we make do with the decisions of the president. Maybe the situation would be easier if someone was on top. Now we all have to go in the same direction. We have two important matches against Perpignan and Brive, two tests of character.

Does the departure of Christophe Urios change anything for your future since you were announced on the departure…
I never tied my future to my manager. Whether he stays or goes, it won’t change anything about my future, whether I stay or go.

That means there is uncertainty…
No, there is no uncertainty. I am under contract until June 2025.

Personally, how do you see the rest of the season?
My start to the season was complicated. I needed to get back into the rhythm. I hope to be on the momentum of my last performances. When you make good matches, it gives you confidence. I came back from the Blues boosted. »

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