Max Verstappen wins the Dutch Grand Prix and escapes the Championship a little more

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Max Verstappen wins the Dutch Grand Prix and escapes the Championship a little more

Carried by a record orange tide (305,000 people over the weekend), Max Verstappen took advantage of the Dutch Grand Prix on Sunday to strike a blow, yet another, in the race for the title of F1 world champion. Starting in the lead, the Dutchman managed for 55 laps, before perfectly negotiating the events caused by Bottas’ stop on the track. (see below). The Dutchman won with the bonus point ahead of Russell and Leclerc, and now has 310 points in the drivers’ standings, 109 more than his Monegasque runner-up and his teammate Perez, 8 races from the end of the season.

A fatal safety car for Mercedes

Lewis Hamilton must have believed, for a few laps, in this success which still eludes him in 2022. The Mercedes drivers tried an offbeat strategy to pull out of the game at Zandvoort. Left in medium rubber, the seven-time world champion and his teammate Russell, 4th and 6th on the grid, returned on the 30th and 31st laps to put on hard tires, which were however announced to be very slow again this weekend. But the good lap times of the Silver Arrows quickly caught the attention of the other teams, and brought the two British drivers back into the race for the podium.

Two events then came to shake up the course of this GP. Yuki Tsunoda’s stop at the edge of the track, on lap 47, caused a virtual safety car allowing Verstappen to rush into the pits, to put on hard rubber in turn, while Hamilton and Russell came out behind him in mediums. A few laps later, Bottas, victim of an engine problem, had to stop on the track after the grid, causing the race to switch to a safety car regime.

Verstappen, taking advantage of this opportunity, returned to the pits for a 4th (!) time to finish on soft tyres. On the 57th lap, Hamilton found himself in the lead ahead of Russell, who also returned to put on red tires, complaining of ineffective tires. This allowed the Dutchman to put pressure behind his rival from last year, who was quickly swallowed up at the restart on the pit straight on the 61st lap. The Red Bull driver only had to manage to chain a fourth success in a row for the first time in his career. And get closer to a second consecutive title.

Alonso enchants, Sainz disillusions

His announced departure for Aston Martin did not deprive him of his grinta. Alonso, combative as usual, managed a great Dutch GP, finishing 6th after starting 13th on the grid. He also started with an offbeat strategy, with hard tires fitted from the 13th lap, the Spaniard perfectly resisted Norris at the end of the race to complete a 10th consecutive finish in the points, the longest current series behind Verstappen (12) . The Alpine driver finished 6th, helped by the 5-second penalty from Carlos Sainz (Ferrari), victim of two catastrophic pit stops.

During the first, the left rear tire was simply not ready, causing him to lose a good ten seconds. In the second, the Scuderia driver came out dangerously in the pitlane in front of Alonso, which caused his final penalty. Sainz therefore finished 8th, ahead of Ocon, who started 12th. Gasly (AlphaTauri), who started in 11th position, finished in the same place. Disappointment for Schumacher, who started in the points in 8th place but only finished 13th.

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