Maxime Lucu (UBB): “Shame at halftime”

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Maxime Lucu (UBB): “Shame at halftime”

Maxime Lucu (UBB scrum-half, beaten in Montpellier 29-19): “It’s complicated to come and win with the champion of France. You can’t come and hope for something by missing so many tackles in the first half. There is shame at half-time and we say things to each other. It’s difficult to react on the pitch but at half-time, we wanted to show the true face of Bordeaux. I don’t understand how you can have a first period like this.

We tried to react in the second half. The MHR was very realistic. In the second period, we have opportunities to score and come back. If we score before the 60th… But we can’t score this try which would give us hope. But when you come in at 29-7 at halftime, once again, it’s hard to hope for something. We went back tonight but the season is long. It’s a shame to have shown this state of mind there because it is not ours. »

Christophe Urios (UBB manager, at the Canal+ microphone) : “We missed our first half, or maybe it was Montpellier who succeeded. We were beaten on speed, movement, commitment, aggressiveness, we were always late, we couldn’t hold the ball… And in the 2nd half, we were able to get back into the game. match. With more success, the match could have been different.

Start the season with two defeats? It is a departure that is not successful. Is Matthieu Jalibert affected? He’s like everyone else, he’s a competitor, he can’t do what he wants on the pitch, like this (Saturday) evening, he has to refocus, we prepare better. On the day, the team was not well prepared I think. Matthieu is like the team, he needs to regain his confidence, he’s one of the important players in our team, don’t try to talk bullshit about him, it’s useless. »

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