Melvyn Jaminet (Toulouse): “We didn’t panic”

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Melvyn Jaminet (Toulouse): “We didn’t panic”

Laurent Thuery (Toulouse defense coach, who beat UBB away (25-26) on Sunday):“We are happy to leave with 4 points. We went through all the emotions. In the second half, we had more enthusiasm and balls carried. We were able to finish the actions and we had the state of mind to overthrow Bordeaux. But we are doing very well. The coaching helped us a lot. We won, but are happy. But if we had lost, that would have made sense too. You have to stay humble. We can also thank our scorers. It’s a nice transaction from an accounting point of view. But it is necessary to confirm with the reception of Toulon. »

Melvyn Jaminet (back of Toulouse):“The scenario smiles on us despite our slump at the end of the first period. We pay him cash. In the second half, there is a big turnover, early in the game, to get the rhythm back. The bad luck of the opposing scorers does us good. We still have a lot of things to work on, especially discipline. We did not panic. We had to get out of our camp because we take two tries on that. Then we held the ball well and knew how to put our game in place. On the distant penalty, this morning, I had spotted the terrain. I wasn’t tired, I felt warm, I turned to the bench, they trusted me. I took the three points, I’m happy. In training, everyone gives their all. This band wants to play. »

“I am disappointed, frustrated. Defeat is cruel, it is not deserved”

Christophe Urios, UBB manager

Mahamadou Diaby (UBB third line):“It’s a pretty cruel scenario. But in a very high-level game, it’s the details that make the game rock. We lost a battle, but not the war. We are going to recover well and return to the fight. We still showed that we were ready for this season. It’s positive. We will build on it. »

Christophe Urios (UBB manager): “I am disappointed, frustrated. Defeat is cruel, it is not deserved. You can take it in different ways. There is the disappointment of defeat. Then there is what you can see in the longer term. We had a first high level match. For a team that has no team, which has problems with staff, behavior, recruitment, it was not bad. I would have liked us to validate it with a victory. He didn’t miss much. We did what we wanted to do. We lacked realism in key moments at the end of the match. We were unlucky. We want to go back to fighting. Because we do not build dynamics on a defeat. We will keep the positive. You don’t have to mess around. We are in the right direction. »

Christophe Urios, during UBB – Stade Toulousain. (S. Mantey/The Team)

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