Mike Di Meglio before the Bol d’Or: “The title is still doable”

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Mike Di Meglio before the Bol d’Or: “The title is still doable”

Fourth and last race on the program of the 2022 calendar, the Bol d’Or will crown the team world champion in Endurance, Sunday, at Le Castellet (Var). The Yoshimura SERT, winner of the 24 Hours Moto at Le Mans, leads the dance but everything is still possible for the title. FCC TSR Honda is in second place (23 points behind) and is 11 points ahead of YART Yamaha. Mike Di Meglio, the French driver of the Honda team, double winner of the event (2017 and 2018), gives an update on the challenges of the race, broadcast on the L’Équipe channel.

“How are you approaching this edition of the Bol d’Or, which is celebrating its 100th anniversary?
The title is still doable. There are 85 points at stake, anything can happen in endurance, the race is so long. We are 23 points behind the Suzuki, we will try to get it. In qualifying too, you can also recover points. Afterwards, we will have to try to be the best placed in the race to win this title.

Will the need to recover from the points behind on the SERT lead your team to take even more risks?
Taking more risks is difficult, we are already driving at 100%. Endurance has almost become a sprint race, from this point of view. You have to take risks with intelligence because if you fall, the consequences are serious. It is necessary to avoid not being eliminated from the game. The challenge will be to drive fast while remaining focused to take advantage of every opportunity, not to make any mistakes. I think we can have a good race, the tests went very well for the team.

“For the engines, it’s very complicated at the Bol d’Or”

You come out of a 10th place at the 8 Hours of Suzuka, in Japan. What had happened?
We had technical problems which meant that we lost a lot of time in the pits. We ended up 10th and, in short races of eight hours, problems like this make things very difficult. It was too short to go back up.

What differences do you see between the Bol d’Or and Le Mans, which are two 24-hour races?
The big difference is that there are 1.8 km of a straight line at the Bol d’Or and it is formidable. For engines, it’s very complicated. Last year, there were about forty motorcycles entered and we ended up with twenty. That’s a lot of engine failure and we hadn’t escaped it. The mechanics are put to the test. The mistral can also blow hard, that’s one of the things we don’t have at Le Mans. »

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