Milos Degenek (Australia) had “too much respect” for France

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Milos Degenek (Australia) had “too much respect” for France

Australia player Milos Degenek, who will face Argentina Friday (8 p.m.) in the 8th of the World Cup: “It’s 11 against 11. There are not 11 Messi, there is only one. I think he’s the greatest player of all time. But I don’t think it’s an honor to play against him, because he’s a human being, like we all are. It’s just an honor to be in the round of 16 of a World Cup.

Playing against France… They are probably, and I think it’s not just my opinion, but everyone’s opinion, the favorites in the World Cup right now with the players they have. But I think Argentina, after their first loss, moved to another level and decided, I think, to play to the best of their abilities and approach every game with the determination to win. They are obviously motivated by the fact that this could be Messi’s last World Cup, that he wants to win it and finish with a bang. For us, it’s about preventing that.

Unfortunately, I’m a big fan of his, but I would like to win the World Cup, probably more than him. But no, joking aside, I think we learned a lot from match against France. And, you know, I think we showed them a little too much respect in that first game. And I think this game in two days will be a completely different game. »


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