Mont-de-Marsan finishes at 11 but wins against Biarritz

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Mont-de-Marsan finishes at 11 but wins against Biarritz

Mont-de-Marsan obtained a precious success on Friday (27-29) in Biarritz, its first on Biarritz soil for 22 years. Thanks to this victory, the men of Patrick Milhet take the third place in the standings behind the surprising leader Rouen and Oyonnax.

The almost perfect half-time of the Mons

The Montois started this match ideally. Wame Naituvi scored a quick double (16th, 32nd), perfectly completed by the foot of Yoann Laousse Azpiazu and that of Willie du Plessis (3-20, 33rd). They will even pass very close to a definitive break with a test of all beauty finally refused by the video in stride. Conversely, Biarritz returned after a long fight (10-20, 40th + 6).

4 yellow cards in 5 minutes

Upset, the Biarrots took matters into their own hands and scored twice via Steeve Barry who scored a hat-trick (40th + 5, 45th, 56th). Unfortunately for them, Brett Herron missed the two transformations (10 points left on the way) and the foot of Laousse Azpiazu opposite left Mont-de-Marsan in control (20-29, 72nd).

In an end to the match to their advantage, Biarritz will snatch the defensive bonus point on a penalty try after the siren. Symbol of the control of the Red and Whites at the end of the match, Stade Montois will finish at 11 (!) after four yellow cards in the last ten minutes. Insufficient to allow Biarrote victory, those who chained a second consecutive defeat after their great victory against Oyonnax in the opening.

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