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Nantes without a solution against PSG

On Friday, the Nantes coach did not want to ” make a face “ after an end of the transfer window which brought him a single recruit instead of the four expected a week earlier. Saturday, however, there was something to grimace: the defeat against Paris (0-3) brought up some Canary limits.

There are those, old, around the right lane, where four players (Appiah, Coco, Corchia, Fabio) compete for the position because none gives satisfaction. Saturday, it was the Brazilian who had been chosen, and it was he who extinguished the suspense by being expelled for an uncontrolled gesture on Vitinha.“For them, when you lead 1-0 11 against 10, it’s a practice match”, admitted Antoine Kombouaré, who did not want to overwhelm the Brazilian defender, for whom this is the fourth expulsion in less than four years in Ligue 1. “I’ll talk to him about it. It’s between him and me. He must feel guilty, it is better besides. The referee sanctioned the excess of engagement. The foot is high but it does not “catch” Vitinha. If there was an orange card, this would be it. It is clear that this is the turning point of the game. »

He had returned to his five-man defense, in a system that allowed him to stick to that of PSG. And he attacked his meeting rather well, despite a major absence by line (Merlin behind, Sissoko in the middle, Simon in front), by looking for his opponent high. But the FCN conceded, in quick succession, the opener on an action where the referee did not sanction, at the start, the contact between Pablo Sarabia and Jean-Charles Castelletto, (18th) and the expulsion of Fabio (24th).

“I saw the condition of the players, it’s not very good. There is a lot of fatigue, small sores, including in the head “

Antoine Kombouaré, coach of Nantes

From then on, he came into resistance, running out of solutions on the ground as on the bench. “We didn’t give up, in the difficulty there was resilience, noted Antoine Kombouaré. If you let go, you can take 7 or 8, and we did what we had to do to only lose 3-0 against a coasting PSG. »

But ten against eleven for seventy minutes, with substitutes who did not influence the balance of power, Nantes has already used up a lot of energy, five days before its return to the European Cup against Olympiacos. “I saw the state of the players, it’s not very good, testified the technician canary. There is a lot of fatigue, minor sores, including in the head: you know that you missed your match and disappointed to lose 3-0 at home, even if it’s PSG. »

In 2022, Nantes had lost only once at home so far. And if he left the lawn to the applause of his audience, he was also escorted by this observation in the form of a warning, signed Christophe Galtier: “To be successful in the European Cup, you need your typical team. »


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